Battlefield 3 -- Gorgeous Animations, Weapons, And Karkand Footage

Dual Pixels - Battlefield 3 is one of my most anticipated titles of E3 2011. Sporting ridiculous animation fluidity, and equally impressive textures, Battlefield 3 looks deserving of the title, war simulator. On their latest episode of PWNED, EA thoroughly details BF3's development.

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movements2550d ago

where the heck is console gameplay, DICE? Where is it?

Hellsvacancy2550d ago

"save the best till last" im JOKIN man before you start

BeastlyRig2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

The console version will come It will be good on console but they are mainly celebrating a PC classic which is very important to them!

Dice devs are mostly pc gamers!

Call of duty devs most likely wont even show the pc version at all!

Console can't have all the glory sorry..

DeadlyFire2550d ago

Don't worry. You don't need to see the console footage. PC footage should be the selling point.

The game will be non-stop action. That is all I care about. Graphics or not.

PhantomT14122550d ago

E3's just up ahead. I'm sure if they do a live on-stage demo, it'll be on console (probably PS3). At least, I think they'll show us some footage on those.

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xTruthx2550d ago

The new NFS will run on the frost engine :O!, can't imagine how awesome the graphics are gonna be.

AzaziL2547d ago

Destructable buildings in a NFS in pure win, shortcuts will never be the same.

LoaMcLoa2550d ago

Wasn't really the eyes I was looking on..


Convas2550d ago

Dying for some console gameplay. This stuff looks absolutely gorgeous!

Paralex2550d ago

Yeah, let's just hope it looks good as MW3. Doesn't look like it does so far...

frostypants2550d ago

You need your eyes checked.

awiseman2550d ago

You saw the BF3 console footage? LINKS PLEASE I WANT TO SEE IT TOO!

iagainsti1202550d ago

Don't worry BF BC2 already looks better than mw3

DUNCAN10922550d ago

Cant wait for this its gonna be epic lets just hope the console looks as good as the pc or at least close. Although its very doubtful as the battlefield trailers are running on a pc the size of an alsatian

lochdoun2550d ago

you are pathetic and a disgrace to the male species

D3athc3ll2550d ago

I kinda think u r a disgrace to the male species!!!

No wonder u got only one bubble! Grow up

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The story is too old to be commented.