Critical Gamer: L.A. Noire: review

Critical Gamer writes: With the backing of Rockstar, Australian developer Team Bondi set out to make a different kind of game. Drawing from stylistic detective and gangster movies of yesteryear and boasting revolutionary facial animation, does L.A. Noire earn a commendation or does it deserve to sleep with the fishes?

Set in 1940s Los Angeles, L.A. Noire places you in the role of Cole Phelps, a decorated war hero making his way up through the ranks of the LAPD. Players achieve this by getting involved in crime scenes, looking for clues, piecing together puzzles, tailing people, interviewing witnesses and interrogating suspects.

It would be a mistake to approach L.A. Noire expecting an experience similar to anything else backed or produced by Rockstar. Though it may look and play like a GTA game (with its open world setting, gunplay, tedious collectable hunting and minimal optional extras), Noire is very different.

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xPhearR3dx2550d ago

"no option to reload a checkpoint if you want to try again at correctly spotting all lies. The game expects you to restart the whole case if you want to do this and of course even if you get through the interview you messed up there might be more within the same case you weren’t sure about"

You criticize a game because it wont let you retry right before an interview so you can get all the questions correct? Wow. Ever heard of a challenge? Kids these days I swear.

Xof2550d ago


This one reason it's so hard for developers to even attempt branching storylines, or even multiple endings--there are too many idiotic gamers out there who can only accept the PERFECT outcome, and see everything else as "losing."

artynerd2550d ago

Actually, I totally agree with this review.

"There are too many idiotic gamers out there who can only accept the PERFECT outcome, and see everything else as "losing"."

Then why say 2/4 answers correct? THAT is the problem, the game tells you exactly where you screw up. It's pretty much a rails game that wants you to follow a VERY TIGHT path.

L.A. Noire is the biggest letdown this year by far. Why the heck did they put it in an open world?? THERE'S NOTHING TO DO. It's like R* gave them the GTA4 engine and they had some Chinese group provide 1940's themed assets and textures to toss in.

I'm on the 3rd disc and I can't tell you how tired and bored I am of this game. "go here, keep walking around until your controller vibrates, press a, chase some guy, interview some people and make guesses based on inconsistent rules, watch another boring cut scene, watch Cole Phelps do things WAY out of his established character, etc. etc. etc."

I might sell this piece of Rockstar hyper-boil before I finish it. This is the last time I get suckered in by their $XXmillion ad campaigns.

Commander_TK2550d ago

Wtf? I just quit and resume if I get any answer wrong. It's just that easy.

Christopher2550d ago

***Then why say 2/4 answers correct? THAT is the problem, the game tells you exactly where you screw up. It's pretty much a rails game that wants you to follow a VERY TIGHT path.***

Disagree with this. Much like any level in Super Mario Bros., there is the best path to take but it's not the only one that can lead to success. The "correct" questions listed only serve to say that there is a better solution, but it never says it's the only solution.

It's not forcing you to go back and replay any case if you only get some of the interrogation items correct, it's just saying if you want the best outcome, this is where you messed up.

HolyOrangeCows2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

@xPhearR3dx and Xof
Those are some rather ironic criticisms of yours.

"You criticize a game because it wont let you retry right before an interview so you can get all the questions correct? Wow. Ever heard of a challenge?"
"there are too many idiotic gamers out there who can only accept the PERFECT outcome, and see everything else as "losing.""

You can screw up on a bunch of questions, presenting the wrong evidence, and more....some would usually call that "losing"
And I've heard of a challenge; LA Noire not being one of them.

Collection is tedious, optional material is minimal, the facial technology is interesting but the animations are imperfect, it detects lies for you (way to take away from the challenge), the murders can be obvious and you still have to carry on with others, takes the wheel too much......

This is a great review. You don't have to feel the same way, but the reviewer makes great points. It's a detective game that doesn't actually let you do much detective work without the game shoving the answers into your face.

NegativeCreepWA2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

For every ones info here. The game saves every time you pull up somewhere so if you quit instead of restart you can resume the game part way through a case.

Oh yeah, this is crap review the game deserves better.

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strange19862550d ago

Yeah, this is pretty lame, although if you get a question wrong you can just quit the game completely and the auto-save should take you back shortly before the interrogation. But yeah, pretty nitpicky stuff in there.

xPhearR3dx2550d ago

I know right, but the thing is why in the hell would you want to ruin your first playthrough by doing that? On a 2nd playthrough I could see people doing it, but when reviewing a game if you try to cheat and fail, then blame the game you shouldn't be reviewing video games.

The fact the same reviewer gave Dragon Ball Z two points higher than L.A Noire is just laughable. Those games haven't been good in a long time.

strange19862550d ago


I agree with you, I was just pointing out the ability to do so.

jrbeerman112550d ago

I am tempted to click article to see why this review is so negative. But i would hate to reward a troll article with a hit.

otherZinc2550d ago

I agree with this score:

This is a game that the primary function is to determine a sequence off facial animations...whatever. The game is garbage.


PirateThom2550d ago

I don't even use the facial cues, I use the evidence and what they say.

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kingdavid2550d ago

This review is trollin'

9/10 for me. As long as you dont play it hours in a row its great.

I do a couple of cases, then come back the next day. Keeps things fresh,

OcelotRigz2550d ago

Same here. I love the game, really do, but can never seem to to play for more that a few hours a day.
I think it could be because i dont like quiting in the middle of a case because when i come back i might forget a few details.

On topic, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but its obvious from reading this review that the reviewer is easily irritated, has no patience and probably the sort of guy who abuses glitches in the cod games or/and he is just doing this for hits.
Maybe, maybe not, regardless i think his review is ridiculous.

iistuii2550d ago

With you, but to have to leave it and go back to keep it fresh seems to be the very point, and that is it gets very repetitive very quickly. Some great games I can't put the controller down, this isn't one of them. Go to crime scene, check body inc pockets, search area and then go chatting to a few people, then repeat this every mission. It's good but not great, it's not a 4 it's more a 7 in my opinion.

artynerd2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Your opinion is that this review is "trollin'" and I say anyone who thinks this game is 8/10 or higher is a graphic whore.

Seriously, remove the facial capture tech and you're left with a very shallow game that doesn't even follow its own rules.

Most honest review of L.A. Noire I've read.

kingdavid2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Graphic whore? Honestly I think the game looks pretty much crap tbh apart from the faces.

I love slow story type oriented games and I find it original. Its just preference.

FunAndGun2550d ago

I don't see how you can give a game a 9 and NOT play it for hours on end?

Do you play 7/10 games for hours in a row?

If you NEED to play this game like that in can't be THAT good.

I don't get it...This game is awesome!, but only in small doses. To me that just makes it sound repetitive and boring as to why you need breaks from it often.

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MrDead2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

My god this sites going down the toilet we need hits and fast!...
Lackie, whats the biggest game out right now?
L.A. Noire sir.
Ok rip this game apart, any small issues blow them out of proportion and make some stuff up if you need. We need to make this game seem like more of a chore then a stand out title.

..... if this doesn't work start an article on how the PSN being down has brought on armageddon.

RedSky2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Equating the biggest game out there with quality is exactly what's wrong with most reviewers these days and the hype culture around games.

Critics gives games like GTA4 critical fellatios, yet take a look at what users actually think of them:

And yes:

For the record I'm honestly quite enjoying LA Noire but dear god is it repetitive in some ways.

MrDead2550d ago

this game is not a 4, that would make this game on par with Thor.

I loved GTA4, too many people where comparing it to San Andreas they should have compared it to GTA3. The core gameplay was more important then the lite RPG elements and side missions. Get the guts right and add what you like to later games as they did to Vice City and San Andreas

As for Black Ops and Rock band, yes the critics reviews are way too high

Corrwin2550d ago

Nice to see a review talking about the bad side of a game, though 4 seems harsh.

AnonUser55552550d ago

LOL. That score is "way too low" you give it a whole extra point to make it 5/10. wth haha

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