Diehard GameFAN: Exerbeat Review

DHGF: Let’s make this short and sweet: Exerbeat is easily the best exercise title for the Wii so far and is the best exercise game across all console in terms of what you are getting for the price tag. Exerbeat gives you 155 different exercises across eight different categories and is the most customizable game in the genre so far. Best of all, it’s only the second exercise game out there to let you wield a motion controller in each hand, so that both halves of your body are actually being checked for accuracy. If money is no problem, Get Fit With Mel B. is still the crown jewel of exercise games, but you can purchase TWO Exerbeats for the cost of Get Fit and you don’t have to purchase a Move Controller and EyeToy as well. At only $19.99, Exerbeat should be the first choice of anyone who is even remotely interested in exercise gaming. Pick it up and see why.

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