Wii 2 (Project Cafe) to have HD Virtual Console?

The new rumor surrounding Nintendo's new system is that the console will feature HD for Virtual Console titles.

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just_looken2551d ago

oh so it can do what ps3 has done sense 2006 play 1990's games (ps1) or on select ps3 consoles ps2 games. Again we are in 2011 nintendo is in 2005 wake up. Are we to expect wireless b and dvd's next lol.

Valk2548d ago

Poor fanboy. Sony just started HD remakes within a year, not 5 years ago.
Thankfully every Wii plays every GC game. I'm sure you wont hate on Sony for being so far behind Nintendo though.

Oh well feel free to carry on abnout how Sony had HD remakes for PS3 a year before it released. You know since its a 2005 feature but PS3 wasnt out til 2006... LOL some fanboys

just_looken2547d ago

5+6=11 also my fat ps3 can play ps2 games in hd learn b4 you post.

Valk2547d ago

Nov 2006 to Nov 20011 is 5 years. It's great you can do basic math like the other 6th graders but I really fail to see what you ar getting at.

Let me explain myself in a way that maybe you can understand or get an adult to explain to you..

Quote from your first post " Again we are in 2011 nintendo is in 2005." Now since PS3 wasnt even out then I dont see how it is a 2005 feature. But hey don't let things like common sense and logic get in the way of your goal to be clueless.

apollo062549d ago

LOL, I hear ya. They really need to blow the doors off this ting.