Final Level: Red Faction: Armageddon Hands-On Preview

Yesterday Final Level travelled to London along with another potential writer for Final Level to get a hands on preview of the soon to be released Red Faction: Armageddon, developed by Volition and published by THQ.

"Whilst I won’t be giving my opinion on the game, which will be saved for the review, this article will take you through the day and what we discovered of the new game.

Once we were through the doors and introduced to the guys who had invited us, we were straight onto the game trying out the single player story mode, the game starts off with a cutscene showing off all it’s worth; graphics in cutscenes were great, cheeks and eyebrows move to the different words and expressions made whilst talking in perfect sync."

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earbus2608d ago

Took out the multiplayer modes that made the last game fun the only fun it had,no multi no buy in this case.

joshpoppedyou2607d ago

i must admit that this game is nothing like the one before, there is no free roam, its a full story, plus multiplayer isnt a reason to play a game, i personally feel online play is ruining some games that should ONLY be offline play only, bioshock 2 for example, games dont need online in my eyes, HOWEVER red faction does have an online but its a team based horde style mode, its a lot of fun

earbus2607d ago

I hated the single player last game but multi was sweet just added more value to the game ,played the new demo was ok but no competetive multi no buy for me untill its ten bux same as all the other singleplayer games.