Why Is Sony Teasing Uncharted 3 In Japan?

Dual Pixels - You can easily make out the image and it shows that the sand dunes are rendered exactly the same as they are in Uncharted 3's unveiling trailer.

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Surfaced2459d ago

Simply because it hasn't been announced for a Japanese release yet.

They did the same thing with LBP2.

MaxXAttaxX2458d ago

Yeah, I remember the man knitting a Sackboy.
Kinda cool.

Kee2459d ago

Nice... didn't realise they don't get uncharted.

tehpees32459d ago

its only ever been released in US, EU and AUS for some reason lol

sinncross2459d ago

What are you guys talking about...

Japan got both UC and UC2.

MaxXAttaxX2458d ago

So true.
You can even find videos of the JP versions of both games on YouTube.

Don't know what they're talking about lol

Raendom2459d ago

Why do people ask stupid questions?

Yangus2458d ago

Simple,this year not comig FFversusXIII-
Japan HUGE system seller Versus(not Uncharted),but biggest IP sony this year U3 and R3-FPS dead in japan-

Uncharted in japan:FAIL-