How Nintendo can win E3 2011

Alright, chuckles; before you chime in with a "they can't" and scuttle back off to calculating how many days it is before you hit your next Prestige rank, maybe you should remember the Wii is the biggest selling console this generation. If past performance is any indication, it's never wise to bet against Nintendo - unless you did with the Virtual Boy, which was more painful than being subject to a Soujla Boy music video on infinite loop. But enough about the past! This year Nintendo is heading to the future.

Nintendo's E3 2011 conference takes place on June 7 at 09:00 PDT/17:00 BST. will be covering the event live, but here's what the website think they should be showing if they want to best their gaming rivals.

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browngamer42611d ago

Who was gonna say "they can't"? After the display they put on last year,and with a new system reveal this year I'm betting that they will easily "win" E3..whatever that means..

kikizoo2610d ago

Last year ? like some others "xbox victory" = smoke and mirror..

3DS is a gimmick (for now), and only non-gamers fanboy (xfans more than nintendo ones, which is funny) tried to forget ps3 exclusives with this, eveything is good to ignore sony is winning each years since 2008.

Shnazzyone2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Which part won it for sony last year? Marketing campaign 1, marketing campaign 2, or their reinforcements of current marketing campaigns?

They only made like 3 major announcements in the entire hour. Microsoft was them playing 2008 nintendo in 2010, Nintendo was rapid fire awesome announcements all the way through. New zelda showing, 3ds, the lineup of 30 some odd games. Nintendo certainly won last year.

All they need to do this year is show what's coming for 3ds and what Project cafe has up it's sleeves. IT will be mind blowing.

BTW, Have you played a 3ds yet, Not just tinkering in sears on the display model, really playing with it. IT's the coolest piece of hardware ever, 100% worth it's price tag.

I got 2 games and it hasn't left my pocket for a month and a half now.

AdvanceWarsSgt2610d ago

Ahhhh, I love the smell of Sony fanboy in the morning.

You guys are easily the most delusional fanbase of them all.

Yeah, even more so than APPLE fans, and that's really saying something.

metsgaming2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Make a system with a real controller, have a good enough graphics upgrade to at least somewhat compete with the future ps4 and xbox. Focus more on hardcore games and less on casual. Upgrade their online network. New 1st party IP's. Low price.

stealth500k2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

nintendo put out more hardcore wii games than gamecube games with more new franchises and higher reviews. - Fact

Its mostly everyone else that went casual on the wii - Fact

@ Disagreers. Do facts hurt your troll brains?

Shok2610d ago

Bout time somebody else realizes this.

People considered the Cube "hardcore" and back when Nintendo "Cared for the hardcore gamer", but what they fail to realize is that Nintendo has created more core games for the Wii then they did GameCube.

And we got TWO main core MArio titles in one system's life-time, that hasn't been done since the SNES. Not to mention in 2010 - Metroid, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby, done in the same year, and that's never been done before in the history of Nintendo.

tablav2611d ago

Nobody 'wins' E3. I have a DS, PSP, 360 & PS3. I'll be happy to hear what's happening with all platforms at this Exhibition, not Competition.

Any real gamer would respect all platforms and only gaming 'journalists' care about trying to start flame wars to promote their sites.

Crazybone1262610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Listen to this guy. He speaks the truth!

This whole competition thing didn't start until like this generation. I remember a time when people just respected each other for their gaming preferences. Where have the good times gone? There wasn't some stupid console debate nonsense going on. Apparently system power is what started this whole "war."

AdvanceWarsSgt2610d ago

It's always nice to see a logical, well said, unbiased post on N4G.

+ Bubbles

pixelsword2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

*Scuttles back off to calculating how many days it is before I hit my next Prestige rank*

(Just kidding; you can't "win" an E3, and Nintendo has more earned respect than Sony and Microsoft combined from older gamers)

mastershredder2610d ago

Oh boy, here we go with the E3 clueless swinging the "winning E3" crap again.

Folks, get off this and the AAA crap. Seriously.
The only winning at E3 will be if Charlie Sheen shows up.

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