Christina Aguilera Is a Huge Gamer

Kotaku: Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, popstar Christina Aguilera revealed her love for classic arcade games, saying she even has a mini "old school" arcade in her house with Donkey Kong, Mario, and Galaga.

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Tzuno2278d ago

Yeah right so much turd these days.

Orionsangel2278d ago

You need to relax. I recorded and uploaded this clip to my youtube channel. What of it? Gotta problem with it?

aCasualGamer2278d ago

Oh wow, that's really sad.

LOGICWINS2278d ago

Damn..crazy ass body =0

TOO PAWNED2278d ago

nah, shes fat now. Was candy 10 years ago.

LOGICWINS2278d ago

^^Me too.

@TOO PAWNED- I like some meat to grab on to =)

jeeves862278d ago

I was just going to comment that she looks like she's put on a little bit of weight.

I like all of the comments here saying how she's fat, when most of you probably haven't seen your feet in quite some time...

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Orionsangel2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I'm gonna take your lunch money next!

Seriously though, You guys are confusing her with that celeb on the Red Carpet. Who says they're a gamer and then goes out of their way to say they don't play modern games and say they play old games. Then they try to remember the last video game they played and they describe it. The one where you shoot that thing and catch it. Then the interviewer says the name of the game and the celeb shouts, yeah that one! That's a fake gamer.

fluffydelusions2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Way to much make-up IMO.

MoDyDo2278d ago

Cuz not beautiful, it's that simple

MoDyDo2278d ago

ha ha, not really i'm just stating an opinion, you see her beauty but I don't see any

Dart892278d ago

Old school game's rock.

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The story is too old to be commented.