Confirmed - PSN Returning to Asia, Including Singapore and Taiwan

PSN is finally returning to Asia! Including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. However, the service in Japan will only be partially restored.

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HolyOrangeCows2675d ago

Thank heavens! Any longer and the Republic of China might have fallen!

sirgames2675d ago news on China yet :/

Istanbull2675d ago

So we can start playing with our Asian friends over there in lovely Asia. Konnichiwa and all other greetings in Asian :)

RedDead2675d ago

Konnichiwa is actually Japanese....and the Jp Psn is staying offline...


Inception2675d ago

lol istanbul, that's japanese but i'm from indonesia so i said "apa kabar?" (in english means "how do you do") ^^

KiasuKiasiMan2675d ago

Well. So its about time Sony restored PSN for the 100,000+ users in Singapore. Our PSN, is separate from the Japanese PSN. Anyway since our main language here is English, there shouldn't be much problems.

blackcat2675d ago

Yes! Now I can stop whining! haha

Kran2675d ago


We know its returning.... what this article fails to tell you is: WHEN!

Its like when europes and americas PSN was returning. We knew it was. We just didnt know when it was.

Just sayin.

blackcat2675d ago

says the 28th on the Taiwan PSN network.

sirgames2675d ago

Malaysia's will return tomorrow :D

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The story is too old to be commented.