CCP Introduces EVE Online's Captain's Quarters Feature

Today, CCP introduced the upcoming Captain’s Quarters feature of EVE Online with a work-in-progress video.

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honestpizza2609d ago

Been waiting for some new content.

ophidian2609d ago

Being able to wander around in bases / ships would be awesome! I am hoping to see them building on this feature.

rmoar2609d ago

Thank god I'll be able to walk again, hopefully my legs haven't atrophied past the point of use.

Trroy2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Doesn't this kind of break the fiction? Aren't pilots bound to their ships in the EVE universe, justifying the "one crew member, whole battleship" thing? Thus, the "Captain's Quarters" is the ONLY quarters on the ship, and given the way the EVE pilots are supposed to control their vessels (through some sort of neurolink, as I recall), you'd think the "quarters" would be something more akin to a liquid immersion tank.

I didn't really have much fun with this game after having enough knowledge and experience to join an alliance. It was like having a 10-hour/week security guard job, that paid me in virtual ship part upgrades, and more required assignments. I had more fun being a newb, until the newb content wore out, and all the rest of the content was basically Alliance PvP/farming or solo farming missions/faction.