Neocrisis: New 20min Dead Island Gameplay Video

Neocrisis: Here is a new video showing nearly 20 full minutes of gameplay for Dead Island coming to PS3, 360 and PC.

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Wizziokid2610d ago

most of it was from the last video but without commentary. still excited to see more of this though! bring on E3

StanLee2609d ago

Really don't get the hype with this game. It's not a particularly good looking game or seem to be a particularly exciting one. That said, Dead Rising is one of the most shallow and vapid games and it's very successful. I guess it's just people's fascination with Zombies.

jjohan352609d ago

The only zombie games I've thoroughly enjoyed was L4D (only on PC) and Dead Nation because they gave me a sense of rush. I'm hoping Dead Island can do the same.

ATiElite2609d ago

Dead well dead!

Super Nice CGI trailer got everybody really hyped up including myself

saw the actual game play a while back and BOY was I disappointed. The Game play is really clunky and seems more of a chore than fun

Tachyon_Nova2608d ago

I agree, I watched the first 4 minutes and actually nearly fell asleep. I hope this is really early footage, because as you say it looks clunkier than pretty much any other game I've seen.

Don't understand the hype at all. Us gamers can be a stupid bunch sometimes ey...

lowcarb2609d ago

This is the zombie game I have longed for! Visually it's nice for it's size. They have done many things to give you the feel that your character is part of the world (arms,legs,sounds and water effects). To call this game boring or dull just goes to show that some have no imagination and would rather developers stick to same old tired formulas. This looks miles better than dead rising and L4D. Day one for me and please no more spoilers. PS3 and 360 gamers are in for a treat yay!

DigitalAnalog2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I disagree with you. It's obviously the early part of the game, hence the "lack" of action going on. But considering the way it looks now for an OPEN-WORLD game, I'd say it's pretty impressive. Not to mention it has 4-player co-op on top of that (I smell borderlands influence here).

Naturally, this game is better left played on PC where 60FPS and higher texture effects would definitely do this game a lot of justice.

-End statement

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Etseix2609d ago

i like the fact that some zombeis are wandering around,, while others are on the floor waiting to see you to stan up, plus, there are different ways they run, its nice to see that :D

Nes_Daze2609d ago

Somehow never seen this before, well, let me get comfortable.

kornbeaner2609d ago

The first trailer release for this game made it appear EPIC! this video makes it look, Meh!

princeofthabay2609d ago

the game seem really wonky :/

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