PS Blog: Welcome Back To Online Gaming

PS Blog: "We’re back, huzzah!
It’s been a turbulent time over the past few weeks. Hair has been lost, nails have been bitten and our routers have had a well deserved chance to cool off. We love online gaming, and we’re seriously glad to have it back."

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movements2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Great. Now all I need is to see some CONSOLE footage of BF3 and then I'll be good. I'm already convinced Modern Warfare 3 will be great, a must buy...but all these BF3 fanboys coming in COD threads crying foul is just ridiculous. Back to online gaming indeed.

user94220772607d ago

Don't be fooled by the title: the Store's not back, they just talk about online gaming events happening.

egidem2607d ago

I agree. I can't replay some online games because I need to redeem the activation codes. Come on Sony bring back the store!

itani2607d ago

Ah such a useless post. Thought the store is back :(.

ShinnokDrako2607d ago

Probably they mean that ALL the PSN is up now (besides the stores). Since in the other countries (Japan) it wasn't available, if i'm not wrong. I repeat, i think... otherwise it's a useless article.

MWong2607d ago

And that's what I want the PSN Store ... has anybody heard any news yet?

ShinnokDrako2607d ago

Sadly i didn't... i'd really like to download some nice game from the store, i'm tired of mines =P

MWong2606d ago

Yea I really want to get Gatling Gears.

DigitalRaptor2607d ago

Wait... I thought online gaming has been back for well over a week now... or was I imagining it?