More PSN Maintenance Coming, Hints at PlayStation Store Return

Sony recently carried out maintenance on the PlayStation Network, but to gamers dismay it wasn't due to the PlayStation Store's return. However, more maintenance for the PSN is incoming and this time hints at the Store's return.

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Nate-Dog2606d ago

How does this hint at the PS Store returning? Sounds like the same message that Sony usually give out when announcing impending maintenance. At least it's later than last time I guess.

user94220772606d ago

The date of the maintenance paired with the statement of Sony recently saying they are going to bring back the Store by the end of this month inevitably hints at it.

Can't wait for the Store to return; want to download Dead Nation so badly.

fei-hung2606d ago

Dying to play it to. reminds me of the old skool games like super smash tv on the snes!

strange19862606d ago

Yeah, not including the free stuff, there are probably at least like 5 games I want right away. Must. Play. Outland.

subtenko2606d ago

Me too! But im more anticipated to play Dead Island! :D woot!

tablav2606d ago

I'm going on vacation on 4th and I really want a new PS1 classic title for my PSP for the flight!!! Please hurry Sony!!!

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mll092606d ago

Can't say I miss the Store, I'm just happy to be playing online.

egidem2606d ago

That's your opinion, of course. In my case, there are things I CAN'T DO because the store isn't backup yet. My PS3 died during the PSN down incident. I can't play Dead Space 2 online because I need to redeem the online code. The redeem function needs the store to work!

Also when it died, it made the 240 GB backup of game purchases and demo downloads completely irrelevant and useless. This was roughly 86% of the total data on my PS3. These can ONLY be restored onto the original PS3, which is dead. I have to re-download them from the store, should I want to get them back...and the store is OFFLINE!!

Vitalogy2606d ago

Well, sony have said that if all gone well it would return late may probably and it's already end of the month so anytime from now it will be online I guess.

For me it doesn't matter if it's today, tomorrow or next week, I just want it safer.

LiamIRL822606d ago

I lol'd when they said June 31st. Morons!

na2ru12606d ago

Sooner or later Sony it's your loss.

subtenko2606d ago

who cares about the loss or gains. playstation owners are gaining from everything, we gettin a bunch of free stuff! We are just really anticipated for it all

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