Battlefield 3 vs BF2 "Back to Karkand" comparison screenshots

EA and DICE have made available the first in-game shots of the Back to Karkand add-on which reimagines classic BF2 maps on the new Frostbite 2 tech. Here are the first comparison images.

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Wizziokid2639d ago

it's came along way, god I miss playing BF2

bumnut2639d ago

It will be interesting to see how the attacking team can get past the choke point at the first flag now you can destroy buildings.


Its obvious BF3 is better looking..What i wanna c is BF3 on consoles...Im a huge COD fan and i admit BF3 looks amazing but i dont c BF3 having the same addicting online gameplay COD has bcuz COD is more like an arcade FPS while BF3 is more serious....I will b buying BF3 but i know COD MW3 is where i will b spending my online gaming time this November..I dont care about innovation all i care about is how much fun i have playing a game and COD has giving me the most fun online this Gen.

peowpeow2639d ago

Pretty much the general consensus. BF games are really great, but It feels I have to invest if I want to play, so CoD while studying is great for quick fun games

swinesucker2639d ago

So how ****ing wrong is this study model? Study less, CoD better? IDK but do not listen here.

BattleAxe2639d ago

No no swinesucker, you got it all wrong, its not "Study less, CoD better" its "World Bad, Sony Good".

Raven_Nomad2639d ago

So Dice slaps a coat of paint on some rehash maps. Whoopee!

Pixel_Enemy2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Cod does it all the time

Not to mention that's how they make every cod, they slap a new coat of paint on their cod4 engine and call it new

HolyOrangeCows2639d ago

"Cod does it all the time"

So DICE is excused, then? Because Raven didn't exactly mention Call of Duty. Some games use DRM; so are all developers/publishers justified to use that customer punishing technique, then?

That said, I'm not sure that it's been said how many original maps there will be. So long as new maps outweigh the old ones to a good degree, it's nice to have some of the good old ones.

Pixel_Enemy2639d ago

I give Dice credit for actually making a new engine. COD has been stretching their engine over the past 4-5 games. It is old

SJPFTW2639d ago

this is a rebuild in a totally new engine of a fan favorite.all Battlefield fans are happy and not complaining since its also free. COD on the other hand remakes old maps from the old game with really new paint job then charges $15 to play it.

RedDead2639d ago

Draw distance way better, looks better graphically, I liked the old colour though. Also..."pre alpha footage"

bumnut2639d ago

You forgot the part where they rebuilt the map on a new engine with full destruction, hardly just a lick of paint is it?

Pandamobile2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

A complete re-design and re-imagining of a classic level is hardly a "new coat of paint on some rehash maps" you delusional child.

y0haN2633d ago

I doubt he was in anything but diapers when BF2 came out, so they'll be 100% new to him!

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