Battlefield 3 in-game images aplenty -- prone, destruction, landscapes

Over a dozen new in-game shots from Battlefield 3 show several aspects of the DICE game.

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-Mezzo-2610d ago

And all this time i thought PORN was not allowed on N4G.

movements2610d ago

Meh, not impressed. Show me CONSOLE!

Wizziokid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

not impressed? oh right judging by your previous comments your a COD fanboy..

I guess some people prefer dated engines, each to their own i guess.

superrey192610d ago

what makes you think the console version will be more impressive?

theonlylolking2610d ago

Ok, now that does not make sense because BF3 is greater on PC.

Paralex2610d ago

This game looks so horrible. MW3 clearly blows it away.

SlyFoxC2610d ago

o yeah MW3 blows it away...pretty sure when i watched the trailer all i saw was MW2 with different backgrounds...

if you dont plan on playing it...dont troll on it

TrevorPhillips2610d ago

Man this game looks gorgeous. Cannot wait for this game. It's going to be a big competition between this and MW3 :D

Wizziokid2610d ago

in terms of quality, no competition, BF will win as always, but sales MW3 will win unless EA market the crap out of BF3 and more people realise it's the better game.

if that does happen we might see COD game get more space between release, might give the devs the chance to make them good again

PoulCast2610d ago

If they took in too much Battlefield: Bad Company, the game won't be as good as MW3.

If they stick to the Battlefield 2-type of game, then yes...It will be the best FPS ever.

SlyFoxC2610d ago

EA said this will be nothing like Bad Company....

This is a complete different Battlefield experience! And IMHO its going to be AMAZING!

Wizziokid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I want this now!

creamsoda2610d ago

Now this is a game to get excited for, not that lame ass COD crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.