Just Cause developer still has 'confidence in PSN'

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has stated that it still has confidence in PSN despite its recent downtime.

Speaking with, studio producer Andreas Thorsen said the downtime did not affect his confidence in the PS3 as a digital platform.

"I still have confidence in PSN as a commercial platform. No problems at all," said Thorsen. "I think it will work perfectly even after the downtime and everything in accordance to that."

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dangert122678d ago

Even if psn was up 6mnths a year developers would make more profit it then without it, i respect these guys others devs need to quit there yappin


every company has its problem....Its not a big deal.

r1sh122678d ago

I think because it was suddenly down which caused unexpected issues.
At least now there wont be sudden server down time, only maintenance down time i guess..

Kee2678d ago

Funny, how a developer for a single player game has an opinion on psn...
Just cause 3 with online co-op, anyone?

Tachyon_Nova2678d ago

They did have DLC though... Also, their next game is coming out as a downloadable game just by the by.

Kee2678d ago

Fair enough... Just getting my hopes up...

X_GAMER_X2678d ago

And Why should a developers lose 'confidence' in PSN?

It got Hacked. Hackers are smart people. Nothing is safe.

Everything can be hacked.

Dart892678d ago

Hey we don't take kindly to you're kind around here you know that common sense sense isn't allowed on N4G /s.