3DS is the best Nintendo console

Nintendo 3DS is the best Nintendo console of the last two generations. That's the message from Nintendo fans who voted in the first ever live ONM Q & A yesterday.

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Rybakov2611d ago

couldn't have said it better myself

tablav2611d ago

It said of the last 2 generations. SNES was 4th Gen. We're now in 7th Gen, though I do agree that the SNES was the best of them all.

LiamIRL822611d ago

Well after just buying one I can say its an impressive piece of kit.

theonlylolking2611d ago

Do you see any 3d? I have yet to see any 3d.

LiamIRL822611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I agree with you on the 3D. I have nintendogs + cats and the only place i notice a slight 3d effect is when the dog puts it's paws up against the screen, that's about it! Overall the 3D effect is not that strong at all and makes me a bit nauseous tbh

mcstorm2611d ago

I have Street Fighter and pilot wings for my 3DS and the 3D effects are amazing on it. I would not say it was there best ever console that is split between the SNES and N64 for me but give it 12 to 18 months and the 3DS could be up there with games like Zelda mario Kart ect.

soren2610d ago

yup in super street fighter in the 3ds menues in face raiders in the photos in pilot wings hmm ware wells in mii makers and the mii plaza panal art which is awasome i have to say i have all the panles and all the hats :D

kikizoo2611d ago

Impressive ? are you probably don't have a psp since 6 or 7 years, or a dumb iphone (for AR) i've bought the 3DS day one, waiting for real thing (NGP), but i'm already selling it..(nothing to play for now)

StbI9902611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

U obviously trolling par, u make one babbla pipoh look bad lol.

madjedi2610d ago

@Stbl990 No you did, all by yourself with that post alone.

AdvanceWarsSgt2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

lol you Sony fanboys are so convinced that they're so much better and more advanced than the competition that you believe the PSP has a 3D effect on it XD

What next? You're going to tell me the PS2 was the most powerful last-gen console and that their controller is the most original on the market? Oh wait......YOU ALREADY DO THAT XD XD

KingZFlipper2611d ago

It's not that impressive IMO. I tested it out in our local Gamestop and after 15 minutes of testing, I wasn't impressed and I also got a minor headache of the 3D effect. Waiting for Project Café :)

Venox20082611d ago

when you get to it (need about 2-5 days) you won't get any headaches and can play for hours in 3D :)

just_looken2611d ago

so basically its damageing your brain but if you let it destroy that part the pain goes away yeah.. no ty hd no pos 3d ftw

Venox20082611d ago

@just_looken ..hard to say if it's damaging brain, because there wasn't deep research on 3DS, only time will tell .. in my opinion it's not damaging brain (or isn't seriously), but it's just a new thing for brain and it has to adapt..

Rybakov2611d ago

@just_lookin and Venox

not only dose 3D hurt your brain it also seriously damages your eyes

not to mention we already see everything in 3 dimensional plain so the gimmick is completely pointless.....i had a kid walk up to me at work saying "i love 3d everything......i wish my eyes were in 3d" i didn't know weather to feel sorry for that kid or die luaghing

sikbeta2611d ago

I cannot say much about the effects on adult people, but for kids, you keep 3D away from them, their vision development isn't over when kids are too young, so by forcing their brains and eyes to adapt and get used to the 3D effect, they can have a lot of issues...

NLGSean2611d ago

Looking at this site (with all of of its uptight fanboys) for more than 15 minutes can damage your brain...

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news4geeks2611d ago

nintendo? good console? what is this the 90s?

Jack-H2611d ago

What are you? A troll? what is this the internet?

news4geeks2611d ago

I'm a troll because you don't agree with me? Sure thing nerdlinger.

Jack-H2611d ago

Whatever nerdlinger means. I'm not hip to all this internet speak, you see. That was the first time I've used "troll". Troll may not be the best word to describe you, but I'm not gonna go there. Don't see what making fun of nintendo has to do with this particular article. But, whatever dbag.

metsgaming2611d ago

My favorite is the N64 and alot of people would say NES.

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The story is too old to be commented.