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The Last Story, strong success in Japan, has not yet been announced for west territories but the Nintendo policy that has affected Xenoblade Chronicles and Solatorobo is encouraging fans of the genre ...

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RedPawn2610d ago

Bring it.

You have a tri-fecta set up here people
Last story
Pandoras Tower

DarkCharizard_2610d ago

Earth Seeker
Dragon Quest X

RedPawn2610d ago

I didn't forget about those, I just posting the 3 that are more complete, right now. These games could also help dertermine future decisions on what is accepted.

Theyellowflash302609d ago

what is earth seeker darkcharizard?

Lavalamp2608d ago


Think Pikmin meets Mega Man Legends

browngamer42609d ago

Those five games that you two mentioned looks like one hell of a compelling list..Wii is dead-we'll see..

bozebo2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Lost Odyssey was incredible. The only good final fantasy since 10. Obviously, had it been a PS3 game then it would have been far better received in Japan. The fact that they also gave the option for Japanese voiceovers on the EU/NA versions proves that they appreciate their fanbase.

JRPGS in general have been bad for a while, imho. And TW2 is the only good recent WRPG. If Skyrim isn't a console port then it'll be the next decent one. Still... I want another good JRPG. The Last Story probably won't have Japanese voiceover options over here because there isn't space on the disk, and we have to wait for them to record crappy English anime-style voices? grrr... I don't own a wii that I can spend playing time an rpg on anyway, it's a "party console".

jacksonmichael2608d ago

Are you saying that you don't have a Wii, or that you do, you just refuse to play deep, engaging games on it...?

bozebo2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

No, I have access to one but it's communal. So I can't take control of it for hours on end to play a proper game, it's constantly in use for brawl or mario kart. And I can't really justify buying one for myself.

jacksonmichael2608d ago

Had you specified, it probably could have saved you 4 disagrees :P