BioWare: We "must" improve upon Dragon Age II

BioWare have come under a lot of flak for their efforts with Dragon Age II, the sequel to the sprawling, epic and engrossing title that was Dragon Age. Following it up with a smaller, more focused sequel, they made some design decisions along the way that didn’t set very well with fans.

Those fans have since accused BioWare of ignoring their concerns, but now writer Mike Laidlaw has reassured people that the developer understands where improvements need to be made.

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worm20102675d ago

BioWare: We "must" improve upon Dragon Age II

yes, yes you must

hellraiserpop2675d ago

No no, they must improve on Dragon Age Origins. An improvement over DA2 would be not releasing DA3 at all and sparing us the torture.

chak_2675d ago

was going to post the exact same thing.

Improve upon DAO, not that DA2 you tried to sell us.

DeadlyFire2675d ago

I say Dragon Age 2 = half a game. So we can sell double the amount of DLC!!!

Disccordia2675d ago

They need to give it the same focus as mass effect. The difference in production values between the two titles is staggering.

Xof2675d ago

I won't hold my breath.

This is the same company that routinely insulted customers for criticizing their plans for DA2 both prior to and after release. They've made it perfectly clear the only thing they give a rat's ass about is their bottom line.

Tony P2675d ago

It's become a pattern with them. Denial, acceptance. Rinse and repeat. I don't know where the bullshit begins and ends with BioWare anymore. They talk and behave so inconsistently, they might as well be politicians.

I can still enjoy their games, but I can't take their promises at face value anymore.

CD Projekt RED, has my earnest trust for now. BioWare, no longeer.

kanetheking2675d ago

can i have the old gameplay i like back or do i have to keep taping x.

stealth500k2675d ago

they didnt know not to do it so how can I trust now?

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The story is too old to be commented.