Volition 'more than a little' frustrated at PSN outage

Red Faction: Armageddon developer Volition has told that the PSN outage has been "more than a little" frustrating.

A demo of the destruction-centric third-person shooter was originally due to hit PlayStation 3 on May 3, but nobody has been able to download or play it due to the PSN downtime.

When questioned if this would affect interest in the game, Armageddon's lead designer David Abzug couldn't say either way.

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rabidpancakeburglar2611d ago

I was able to download it on my xbox and see that it's gonna be a great game and when the PS Store is back up then I'm sure there will be a fair few people who will go download crazy. So it won't go unnoticed, it might even help the sales

trounbyfire2610d ago

well maybe try releasing videos to website because i don't know why its coming out,

also to the people that said starhawk looks like RD:Bg it doesn't. I thought the same but starhawk has better graphics and a different color palette.

and no i m not saying one is bad or better as a game just that they look different, starhawk has the halo reach glowly color where the colors are really soft

Jezuz2610d ago

graphics makes a game good ?

trounbyfire2610d ago

did you read what i wrote???

"and no i m not saying one is bad or better as a game just that they look different"

it was pretty black and white, people said starhawk looked like RD:Bg it doesn't it looks better graphical and has a different color palette

Xof2610d ago

This the same volition that funded Freespace?

Screw 'em.

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