Sony Chief Stringer Blindsided by Hackers

Bloomberg: Sony Corp. besieged by hackers since April, considered its PlayStation Network an unlikely target even after threats by the online collective Anonymous and three separate security incidents in 2008.

The hacker group declared in April that it would wage a cyber war against Sony for trying to stop people from tinkering with the PlayStation 3. Three years earlier, the company faced three breaches in Europe, including one in which Sony said some PlayStation Network user data might have been stolen.

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gamingdroid2610d ago

“We have a network that gave people services free,” Stringer said. “It didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.”

Really? When you store/process lots of credit card information?

Even just emails/username/passwords is enough to enter other systems, let alone Date of Births. Whatever you collect at signup, it is safe to assume most companies store them!

“In March 2008, Sony informed users in Europe that an unauthorized person may have gained access to personal data on PSN through personal computers. There is no evidence that personal information or credit-card data was taken, and the security flaw, which is unrelated to the recent attack, was fixed, the company said in response to questions for this story.”

This is not the first time? Major breach of trust!

User-Name2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

This Stringer guy is really clueless.

Living in one of his 100 villas with hundreds of millions in his pocket, suing kids around the World...and then he whines when he gets what he deserves. What a sad and a disgusting man.

I've been a loyal Sony fan, PS1, PS2 and PS3 at launch. But after all this, that man makes me wanna puke at everything he says.

Just the other day he was preaching about the "brave/bad new world", well, Mr Stringer, hackers are actually fighting against the brave new world scenario in which sick, greedy, selfish and spoiled people like you control the world.

Wasn't that obvious?

ThePsychoGamer2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Yes how dare they sue some one for releasing software that could potentially enable piracy, greedy bastards trying to protect the industry. And can you believe how harsh they where, giving Geo a slap on the wrist. They truly are corporate monsters.


gamingdroid2609d ago

Compared to how Nintendo and MS treats homebrewers/custom firmwares?

Mikeyy2609d ago

I don't understand why the consumer has to suffer.

If you have beef with sony, hit them some other way, I have NOTHING to do with your stupid problems. yet you have caused me much suffering.

ANON, the store is still down, I hope you ALL DIAF.

User-Name2607d ago

It's called collateral damage. When you bomb Iraq, Bosnia or Afghanistan, "bringing democracy and saving civilians", eventually bombs do kill civilians and innocent people. What's more, those bombs are made of depleted uranium so they poison civilians and innocent people that you wanted to save for hundreds of years after your bombings.

In this war, PSN consumers ale collateral damage.