Can Duke Nukem Forever Live Up To The Hype? writes: They say good things come to those who wait; there was a 16 years gap between the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequels, a 12 year wait between Terminator 2 and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and it's been 14 years since Duke Nukem Forever was announced. While we can all rejoice that the long awaited shooter that has the longest development cycle in history is actually seeing the light of day, the real question here is can it live up to the hype?

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Gaetano2555d ago

I really hope it does...

ThatArtGuy2555d ago

I'm expecting a Duke Nukem game. Nothing more, nothing less.

chidori6662555d ago

It won't live up to the hype. But I don't think it will be any means a horrible game. Just not a great one.

GusBricker2555d ago

If the game is actually 20 hours, then maybe, but saying that, 20 hours of shit is far worse than a 5 hour steaming pile of uber shit, at least that ends fairly quickly.

PoulCast2555d ago

I just purchased Duke Nukem 3D, hopefully DNF won't just be an updated-graphics version, but actually containt both gameplay and features of 2011.

wallis2555d ago

Also is it just me or does that actually sound pretty damned awesome?

Gameplay features circa 1996 - massively intricate levels with huge levels of interactivity, exploration, and detail. Guns that shrink, freeze, and rapid fire rockets.

Gameplay features circa 2011 - taking one's self too seriously. Chest high walls. Angsty leads. Forced stealth sections. Unnecessary open world hubs. Ineffective iron sights. Giving first person shooters pointless RPG elements, whilst taking RPG elements out of actual RPG games.

PoulCast2555d ago

I found the terrible graphics more scary than the monsters and the explosions was only great so that they could lighten up any free-to-take ammo boxes that conviniently were set there.

I loved Duke Nukem, Doom & Quake when I was younger, but I wouldn't be very excited if another Duke was released with the same gameplay, it's way to dull compared to what you can create today.

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