Previewed The Xbox Live Update? Come Claim Your Prize

TGH writes: An email has begun to circulate with some good news for the Xbox LIVE Update Previewers. Everyone involved with the program will be receiving a Halo Reach Mark V Flaming Helmet for their avatar not to mention the fact that you all received a copy of Halo Reach. Icing on the cake? Simply head to the connect site here, login, and follow the product key path on the left to your shiny new avatar gear.

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dantesparda2423d ago

I got in but damn i cannot stand playing this new Halo, what a piece of you know what! Ugh! what happened to this series, i used to like Halo 1

AdrianHD2423d ago

Halo 1 and 2 were great. 3 and ODST ehhhh. I like Reach though. It's a different style.

dantesparda2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

i agree, Halo 1 & 3 were good, after that, ehhh

ShadyDevil2427d ago

Flaming Helmet. The best they could give? I mean its cool but c'mon.

wwm0nkey2427d ago

Well they didnt have to give us anything to be honest. We got a free copy of Halo: Reach so oh well lol

ShadyDevil2427d ago

Yeah thats true...LOL My bad.

gamingdroid2427d ago

In most beta's you don't get anything and the only time you seem to get anything is when something is broken as make up!

I will take my free copy of Halo: Reach and flaming helmet!

STICKzophrenic2426d ago

Thanks! I just checked my email and I had this email so I went and got my flaming helmet code.

Rybakov2426d ago

well the free halo is the email and misread it so i thought it was actually for halo....but oh well i aint mad about it

dragon822426d ago

Downloaded my flaming helmet last night. :D