DiRT 3-Graphics Comparison

Check out the Dirt 3 Graphics Comparison video.
Three versions go toe-to-toe in the dirt to find out which comes out on top.

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MaximusPrime2678d ago

looks like xbox 360 is darker than the other two. graphically the same. gameplay the same.

do we really need another lame comparison

Substance1012678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Depends what resolutions and settings they ran the PC version at. Did they dumb the PC version down to console resolutions? what other ingame settings did they keep for the PC we need to know all of that.

Its also not just about the graphics PC is the only version that can run in 60fps and also costs 15usd cheaper.

Edit: just saw the video they are running the PC version at 720p thats not fair, also you cannot really tell the differences on such a small video unless you see the games running on a 24inch monitor or maybe a 40inch tv.

starchild2678d ago

Exactly. Judging the differences is almost impossible on such a crappy quality video.

These videos always make everything look the same, but when I actually play the games on my PC and consoles there are almost always big differences.

Ranshak2678d ago

Lol what retard does a comparison with PC version running at 720p.

shreeveera2678d ago

I have pretty high hopes for this game.
Im getting the PS3 version regardless of this video.

The_KELRaTH2678d ago

PS3 version is excellent - another jump in quality from Dirt 2 / F1

GrumpyVeteran2678d ago

I see the difference between PC and Xbox, but PS3 and PC look very close. I see a FPS difference.

When going really fast, you probably won't notice those little details, and I'm a PC gamer saying that so yep.

Si-Fly2678d ago

PC gamers tend to have more than 1 bubble, I think it's more likely you're a die-hard PS3 fanboy.

Zoomer762678d ago

These comparison articles are getting pointless, everyone proclaims to see which one is the better version but at the end of the day they are just bigging up their console of choice. 99% of multiplats are pretty much identical now.

Zoomer762677d ago

Yeah meant to say on consoles.

DiffusionE2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

A 3.0Ghz C2D and a 250GTS can max-out the game? Or is that just to say "if you run on this setup, it'll be equivalent to the console versions".

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The story is too old to be commented.