Capcom Teases New Street Fighter x Tekken Character

TGH writes: Continuing on with Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken character teasers, we’ve got #3 and the smart money’s on Tekken‘s Julia Chang for this one.

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ShadyDevil2487d ago

Amazing trailer, it looks kinda like Cammy to me but I might be dumb lol. We shall see.

MoDyDo2487d ago

I think this is julia :)

Stephen55432487d ago

I thought the same at first because I'm not very familiar with Tekken characters (just recently got into the fighting genre), but if you click the link to the site this is from, they have an image of Julia Chang and all of the stuff shown looks exactly like her.

RockmanII72487d ago

There is already a teaser for Cammy

maddfoxx2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Any fan of Tekken would know thats Julia Chang. Just look at those boots!

CobraKai2487d ago

And at :15 you can tell she's got that whole Native American thing going.

RockmanII72487d ago

I wonder what the odds of T. Hawk getting in are now, would they really do 2 Native Americans?

Lionalliance2487d ago

These teasers are so obvious lol

lpfisher2487d ago

Shh....let them enjoy it.

Hozi892487d ago

lol...Julia. I'm willing to bet my penis on that.

an0nym0us2487d ago

Don't ever bet your penis dude. For all we know it could be Kazuya.

Hozi892487d ago

Yeah....but it's too late for that now isn't it? Oh shit dude. I just bet my do I un-bet it now?