A New WWE Video Game Announcement Coming May 31st

THQ posted a rather mysterious Facebook status saying that a new ERA begins.

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BlmThug2610d ago

Be Like Smackdown: HCTP And You've Got Epicness

UnbiasedGamer2610d ago


Jack-H2610d ago

Surely you remember in HCTP playing with a buddy and hitting him with a sewer grate you just threw like a discus, knocking him off of a helicopter... Yeah, I'd buy that again.

e-p-ayeaH2610d ago

lol their actually hyping an wrestling game

BLAKHOODe2610d ago

a new era? uh oh.. i guess they'll do away with blood and chair shots and give it a "G" rating to go along with WWE TV's "PG" rating.

Ace_Man_62610d ago

Haha yeah, well said mate, wouldn't surprise me if they did that though. =/

Slade232610d ago

yeah and probably more with cena's corny jokes lol, but I just hope that they won't change the rating. lets hope it's something good!

manitobawpg2610d ago

the last wrestling games i played was wcw/nitro revenge and wwf warzone on the n64. goodtimes

NellyNel_7_1_32610d ago

WWF No Mercy on N64 was some good time in my book!

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