Great games your (Crappy) PC can run (Part 2) Writes:

After my recent investment in $2000 dollars worth of hardware to build my own PC, I have found myself playing games with system requirements of a laptop more often than I would have thought. Running Crysis at max is a visual treat, but some of the best games out there don’t demand you have the best budget. If you’re looking for some games for the PC or laptop, worry no more about you abysmal system specs: These games should all run well

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Big_L2610d ago

These all run great on a PC, but you need a mouse if you want to play any of them on a laptop. These games are hard to play with a touchpad

KeiserSosay47882610d ago

Lol, I got pretty good playing MP with the touchpad on BF2...Freakin' hard, but I was alright.

young juice2610d ago

didnt workout too well.

also this list is missing psychonauts.

yamzilla2610d ago

if you can run portal one, you can run portal 2

also, any console game that is on pc as well can be run on a budget $400 computer better than any console can run it.

and if you got a midrange desktop at home with a dual core and 2gb ram, slap a $75 gpu in it and watch it humilate your 6 year old console

better yet, build a quad core with 6gb ram and a $250 gpu and look into the future and play stuff that won't even be on the ps4 until a year into its cycle!

Too_many_games2610d ago

OR Buy a PS3 and enjoy great games ;D

Darkfocus2610d ago

OR Buy a PC and enjoy great games ;D

Too_many_games2610d ago

Why someone would pay 250$ for a graphics card is beyond me

Darkfocus2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I don't know why some one would disagree with you yam ...what you said is 100% true...

soundslike2610d ago

League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth


Quake Wars (Has megatexturing a la Rage, cuts down on requirements DRASTICALLY)

I disagree on Portal being on this list, it may not need anything special, but it needs much more than "crappy" unless you want to make the portals Opaque....which completely ruins the entire experience.

mrv3212610d ago

The ur-quan masters

Requires less power than a web browser

Torchlight also has super low specs.