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Jason Fanelli writes, "Eleven long years had passed since Marvel vs Capcom 2, and the VS series faithful were getting restless. You couldn’t go into any MvC-related forum or message board without seeing one of three things: a petition for MvC3, a roster wish-list for MvC3, or a thread from a user simply asking “Where’s MvC3?” Tatsunoko vs Capcom was a welcome return to the format, but Tatsunoko as a whole doesn’t hold the weight that Marvel does. A casual geek-culture fan could pick Spider-Man or Hulk out of a crowd, but Polimar? Not exactly. From a gaming standpoint, TvC was the classic VS gameplay we loved, but it unfortunately reverted back to two fighters per team. Fans had grown accustomed to teams of three, and the two-on-two format put a bit of a damper on the game."

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