E3 Sony Press Conference and Special Event details

GamerFitNation gives the details on the Sony Press Conference.

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just_looken2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

same and this:
"NGP kiosks. Arcade to include special appearances and musical talent"

Ngp Kiosks? you mean they have demos already out in English so they will be revealing the price? fuck wheres my time machine.

"8-9:30pm: Special performance"
What could this be??? damit

Norad62551d ago

Micheal Pachter already let out that the "Special Performance" at the end of the night is Lady GaGa.

Spitfire_Riggz2551d ago

Do what the great Eric Cartman did and put yourself in the freezer!!

Mr Logic2551d ago

Let me say I visit this site fairly often, but I rarely comment. But I have never given or taken away a person's bubbles.

Bubbles up dude. Brilliant! B)

Menech2551d ago

I guess we are going to get a bow for 5 hours instead of 7 seconds this time.

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thereapersson2551d ago

N4G is going to be a field day when all the announcements and videos start pouring in.

aaabbbccc43242551d ago

i was hoping there would be more time spent announcing and showing new games than these wasteful free food and performance events

xtheownerzx2551d ago

hey man I love free food! you never know there may be something special for everyone!

a_bro2551d ago

No 256ram on NGP please, FULL 512 Dammit.

thereapersson2551d ago

You would think that what Sony has learned over the last couple hardware generations - if anything - is that RAM is crucial (no pun intended) to a high-performing system.

Here's hoping they find other ways to cut costs. RAM isn't something that they should be reducing; if anything, more is better!

waterboy2551d ago

crucial to the average developer

blumatt2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Yeah, keyword "average" developer. Good devs. have been able to pull alot of horsepower from the PS3. If the PS3 were so inferior with its so little RAM, then we wouldn't be getting the best looking console games around.

The NGP is going to be sick!! Make the price under $300 (base model) and I'm in. Make it (base model) $250 and I'll get the 3G model. :) Anything over $300 for the base model and I'm waiting for a price cut. Make me proud, Sony.

remanutd552551d ago

i have a question , can they do that at this point ? i mean arent game developers almost finishing their launch projects? how can they adapt an advance project with less specs?

Veeger2551d ago

Devs could have known about it for months. For example, there are PS3 exclusive projects the general audience has no clue about.

Romeloo2551d ago

Yup! 1 first few hours for actual conference and the rest is GamePlay time.

dktxx22551d ago

Not really. the actual conference that us gamers streaming it online care about is the same length its always been. Unless the special performance is something game related but I really doubt it. I think Sony is gonna start doing what Microsoft has been doing, adding a bunch of worthless crap to impress stupid journalists so they say they win E3. I hope not.

BrianG2551d ago

I wan't 3 hours conference and 2 hour special event haha.

But I'm curious now to see what the performance is, hopefully it's nothing stupid and non-gaming related. Hopes are high though.

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