White Knight Chronicles 2:Preview Trailer

White Knight Chronicles II is the second installment in the epic Level-5 Jrpg saga exclusive to Playstation 3.
White Knight Chronicles II will hit the UK store shelves on June 10th and will include the Original White Knight Chronicles game.

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Kurisu2614d ago

I waited, and waited, and waited for the first WKC game, but when I finally got my hands on it I was extremely disappointed. I didn't play it for very long, and now it's sat collecting dust on my shelf. If it released when it was supposed to I may have gave it more of a chance, but it basically shot itself in the foot releasing so close to Final Fantasy XIII.

FamilyGuy2613d ago

For me it was the exact opposite. I bought WKCs and was so devoted to the game that I never really got into FF13.

I was having too much fun online and because of that FF13 felt like a bore. It was a beautiful game and I loved its battle system but I had more overall enjoyment out of WKCs.

I guess it really defines being a "hate it or love it" game.
1450+ hours an counting :/

WildArmed2612d ago

Ugh, so I hear that US release date got pushed back further? >.<
This is BS.
I think I will need to import this game after all.
Long forward to it :D

FamilyGuy2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

you wont be able to play online.
There's a code you put in to play online that will only work o the euro server so you wont be able to continue your save and play online if you import unless the account you currently played on is a european psn account.

Oh, i found this out on the eur official playstation blog

WildArmed2610d ago

Oh shit, great.
I guess i'll be spamming emails to Sony for awhile to gimme muh WKC2 fix then.

That is sad news indeed. :(
Well thanks for saving me the $$.

Otherwise I'd be raging for not being able to import either lol