L.A Noire Complete 5 Star Case Guide

LGG: Without a doubt the hardest Achievement/Trophy in L.A Noire is getting 5 Stars on all cases. Well no need to worry because we have a completed 5 star guide for every case in the game. Complete with a full list of every clue, people of interest, where to find the clues and the correct answers to every question.

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bwazy2610d ago

Hardly an achievement if people show you how its done.

xPhearR3dx2610d ago

Not really. You achieved reading a guide :P That counts for something right? .....okay maybe not lol

Xof2609d ago

Finding all those cars is harder....

lashes2ashes2609d ago

i agree. i looked forever for my last car.

Sugreev20012609d ago

I already have 5 star ratings on all my missions,until Arson (still playing through that).

You want my tip - Since interrogation is the hardest,stare into the suspect eyes after questioning them.They will look left to right (or vice versa) if they're lying,and only hit accuse if you have evidence backing it up (not hard for old adventure gaming fans).If the suspects are telling the truth,then they look confidently towards you.

banjadude2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Me too. I got 5 stars for everything, except the "Gas Man" one (for Arson).

I got too much city and vehicle damage, lol.

Edit: I had to restart A LOT to figure out the best answers to get 5 stars.... but it was worth it.

Sugreev20012608d ago

Yeah,the best thing about this game is that you don't mind replaying the same missions.