E3 2011 Video Game Line-Up: The Show's Best & The Rest

GameDynamo - "With E3 around the corner, gamers are getting ready to hear what companies have to say / show about their upcoming games. If you can believe it, there will be well over 150 games to see there, and even a few more if you start counting all the unannounced titles as well as mobile releases. Amazing! Take a look at the list and let us know in the comments section below which of these games you can't wait to see!"

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VersusEM2336d ago

E3 looks amazing, can't wait.

Goomb2336d ago

Very excited about many of those games, but Nintendo's gonna rock this E3, no doubt about it. They always keep things under wraps until E3, and Mario for 3DS is gonna be sweet! Sony on the other hand... not sure about them this year, despite the NGP. Very excited about a new God of War though :)

Kon2336d ago

A new GOW?? I thought Kratos already ended his story. What he'll do now? Kill Egypt gods or something?

NoobSessions2336d ago

Are these predicted or confirmed?

mygd2336d ago

Most of them confirmed but a couple not officially confirmed but very, very likely.

majiebeast2336d ago

Think sony is gonna steal the show at e3 with a full ngp reveal and live demo probably a hands on for the journalists, and a list of games availble at launch. Then ps3 will just keep demolishing the competition in 2012 with 10+ exclusive in 2012. Also would love to know what games are making its way too the psp remasterd series hopefully crisis core and peace walker.

Could wow me if they show anything other then the same old franchises over and over again yeah we know you can make mario,zelda and metroid now develop some new ips.

Something other then halo and less focus on the casual gamer. My 360 hasnt been played since the release of fable 3, and thats gonna stay that way till gears 3.

Half life 2 episode 3 we can only wish.
Borderlands 2.
Mass effect 3 gameplay.
Dark souls.
Beyond good and evil 2 release it already.
Skyrim gameplay demo.
GTA 5.
Hitman gameplay.