MDK2 Review (theGamerBuzz)

"One thing I have always wanted out of Wiiware and the Virtual console is more games from the N64. Being a kid raised on the system, I’ve never been bothered with their primitive technical capabilities, and having a game in 3D allows for better immersion and replication of modern day games." -theGamerBuzz

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kungfuian2555d ago

LOL N64? MDK2 was released on the Dreamcast and later the PS2!

Also totally disagree on the score. IMO this game is not a 7, which indicates average. The graphics may be dated now but for it's day they we're top of the line! Also the gameplay, design, control, etc all still totally kick ass! It's an 8 easily, and a 9-10 for those with rosey nastalgia colored glasses like myself.

Hey Bioware/Interplay or who ever owns it, MDK3?