Why L.A. Noire is Better than Red Dead Redemption

"Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic gaming experience evidenced by its multiple game of the year awards from some of the most prestigious publications. In fact, if you asked me on any given day, I would probably list it as one of my favorite games of all time." -theGamerBuzz

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rabidpancakeburglar2678d ago

I haven't played L.A. Noire yet but I have to say that I won't believe that it is better than Red Dead Redemption

SkyCrawler2678d ago

To me they're both equally good (I've played RDR and currently playing L.A.N.)but you know us current gen gamers, we have to compare every single little thing.

MariaHelFutura2678d ago

They`re both better than GTAIV....

rabidpancakeburglar2678d ago

Well I don't think there is anyone who would doubt that

TheXgamerLive2678d ago

LA Noire is a good game, a bit to slow paced and closed off and entierly story driven w/very little freedoms.
It gets a nudge in facial expressions, however facial expressions does not a game make.
I find it to be a good game for when nothing else seems's easy to play a mission, put it down and pick it up again several days later and play some more with out feeling that ytou lost the feelof the game.

LA Noire better then Red Dead Redemption? Heeeeelllllll No.

Red dead is easy to get into and stay into it and not want to put it down. It's very imersive, where as LA Noire is not IMO. again,la is a very good game.
I'd give it an 8.0 but definately nothing higher,if anything a bit lower, as the missions can get repetitive as well.
Read Dead an easy 9.3 IMO. then theirs undead, ha ha yea even better:)

KILLERAPP2678d ago

I like both games, both games have great stories but I felt that RDR has a better world more things to do and cool things to find….

clarkjudo2678d ago

..."more things to do and cool things to find ..."
Indeed and that is what breaks up the flow of the story and it's stronger potential impact (the ending was epic tho). My second time through RDR I stuck more to the story, avoided side missions. LA Noire, you can go on side missions but it never seemed to break up the flow of the story (although the over use of the F-bomb did at times). I have a hard time not dreaming up LA Noire type elements at night while I sleep (case solving conflicts). No other game has done that. LOL

KILLERAPP2678d ago

You do have a point there, since there more things to do you will get distracted from the story a bit. But I for one love to find these hidden gems along the way and the ending was awesome too with that ending the story felt complete. Also it gives the game a lot of replay ability so when you’re done with the story you still play and find some other things. In LA Noire since there is not much to do, than to find car and buildings it keeps you in the story and the world. By the way I really did enjoy the last case on the Homicide desk and how you had to decipher those things felt behind by him and it leads you to different building and cool location I like the way they did that wish there was more of that. I enjoy the newspapers and how they fill some back-story and maybe some found the ending not to their liking, to me it was done right way and it felt realistic to what would really happen. It also leaves the door open for part two wish will probably come out after RDR 2…. Love both games….

Duxer2678d ago

I also dream L.A. Noire elements. I know what you mean.

hunter212678d ago

in my opinion i like RDR better than LA noire... one of the reasons is the driving in LA noire you have to avoid a lot of cars and people to avoid damage cost

ZBlacktt2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

RDR won GOTY and is a damn epic game. So that's a pretty big mountain to overcome I'd say. Which LA Noire will not be able to do. Simply for the fact that UnCharted 3 will crush everything else this year.

Tron_Rocks2678d ago

I played through and loved every minute of Red Dead. The disconnects that he spoke of I think are not that at all. The Wild West was a different time and the way they incorporated into the game was great fun. If I had a gripe about the game I would be the save time, always 6 hours you could not tweak how long to sleep or rest you could only save then it was some six odd hours later. That being the only gripe RDR should go down as one of the best games ever made. I am only a few hours into LA Noir and it is just as immersive, I can't say whether I like it better or worse, it is simply a lot of fun.

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