GameTrailers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

GT writes:

"At its E3 Judges Week event Activision lifted the lid on the next installment in its blockbuster Call of Duty franchise. Journalists were shown two extensive pieces of gameplay--one taking place in New York City and the other in the London Underground subway system.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, first some background information. Modern Warfare 3 is being jointly developed by Infinity Ward (some of the same folks who handled the first two Modern Warfare games) and Sledgehammer Games--a studio that has yet to produce a single game. Some rumors have floated around that Raven Software is also working on the game, but they were not on stage at the event and were not mentioned in the presentation. No hints were given as to what parts of the game Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are working on or if Raven is truly working on the multiplayer mode."

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Another year and another COD game eating up every article on N4G.

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Wow, I was expecting much more hype on the game from GT, considering they usually make terrible, biased analyses. Somehow they actually wrote a good, unbiased review. Good for them, I actually had a good read.

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