160gb Black Ops: First Strike PS3 Bundle for $199 After E3?

Many have rumored a PS3 price drop at E3. Sony has announced the COD: Black Ops First Strike bundle for PS3 to release May 31 for $299. Could this end up being slashed in price at the E3 Sony Press Conference?

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SpaceSquirrel2463d ago

I hope so.I think the PS3 is due for a price drop.

guitarded772463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I hope so too... one of my buddies is such a cheap ass he's waiting for the $200 price point. It's not that he doesn't have the money, he's just a cheap ass. $250 sounds more like it though.

AAACE52463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Woah! That's the price consoles get dropped to when the new console is being released next year!

It's a bit too soon for a big drop like that!

BattleAxe2463d ago

Call the cops, I think that theres a steal in the works!

NoobSessions2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Thats not really being a cheap ass. Well for me, I already own an Xbox 360 and a decent PC rig. Spending $300 for another console seems like alot at that point IMO. Im waiting for a price drop since money's kinda tight.

squallheart2462d ago

We just got thos at target but not allowed to put out yet should have checked the price

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blumatt2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

A $200 PS3 would be pretty darn unstoppable. A slew of exclusive games and an awesome price point as well as reliable hardware, would be a HUGE win for gamers.

And this bundle looks good. CoD people will eat it up.

SoapShoes2463d ago

Yeah but why would they bring it out now and have it at $299 for a week just to slash the price? I don't think it'll drop at E3 but you never know. I do have a strong feeling that it will drop sometime this year though but probably not till Gamescom.

aceitman2463d ago

even $249 is a sweet spot .

TXIDarkAvenger2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Hmm...where I live its already priced at $250. So 250 doesn't seem much of a drop.

nvm, I get what u mean...

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fluffydelusions2463d ago

$199 for that bundle? No way. $249 best case scenario.

Hitman07692463d ago

I wonder if this will turn out how everyone is expecting with the $199 price point. It doesn't seem unlikely to me at all.

Boody-Bandit2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I could've swore I just heard this from someone on a yet to be released podcast during the E3 expectations and predictions round.

*pulls out crystal ball*
Yes Sony will announce a drop the price to $199 at E3.

rob60212463d ago

You're going to spoil the surprise; or cause an outrage of People mocking a $50 price drop or none at all. Either way speculating low like this doesn't help Sony. It keeps them from having a 'bang' at E3. I would like to speculate 360 going down to $99 this E3 - maybe with a live contract or something lol.

LiamIRL822463d ago

199 would be a wonderful price, it seems unlikely but who knows. A 199 price would send the sales into the stratosphere. But as others have said 249 seems more likely.

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