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superrey192558d ago

Amazing. Definitely a step in the right direction.

HBandell2558d ago

Strangely this reminds me of This is Football and the simulation button, where you could throw your player majestically to the floor at any given moment. Usually resulted in a red card...

Pintheshadows2558d ago

I won a penalty once. That was it though.

Kon2558d ago

Why they don't use the Euphoria engine, like the Backbreaker game? It you make the game infinitely more realistic

kingdavid2558d ago

cos theyd have to pay for the use of euphoria.

It would just be cheaper developing their own physics engine.

HeavenlySnipes2558d ago

this stuff for the next NBA game and add realistic graphics, I WILL DEFINATELY SWITCH BACK TO EA. You hearing me EA? Do it NOAW!

Rampaged Death2558d ago

It's looking amazing. I hope they change the penalty taking system.

Pintheshadows2558d ago

I totally agree. It is a bit of a clusterf**k in 11.

guigsy2557d ago

Totally agree, they nailed it in FIFA 10, so why change it?

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The story is too old to be commented.