New Dragon Age 2 Images Tease Relation to Grey Wardens

DA2 DLC screenshots.

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BakedGoods2674d ago

Almost platted this game, yet after played The Witcher 2, I have no more interest in it.

BeastlyRig2674d ago

Dragon shame 2 meh.. As much as I know I will love skyrim the appeal & additive gameplay of a non casual friendly game is the greatest! Skyrim will be awsome & probably not that hard to beat.. That's mainstream for u.

So if the witcher comes to console I hope it won't try to appeal to everyone when the witcher 3 comes..

i_like_ff72674d ago

Seriously. Witcher 2 feels on a completly different level than DA2. Like fine wine to piss in a cup.

2674d ago
Speakindatruth2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I never bought this game because people told me it was a complete disappointment to Dragon Age 1 fans. All the hype surrounding the game after that was completely meaningless to me. Is this still true months later? Rhetorical question--yes. That begs the question--who would post this absolutely useless article? After all, with that logic, it's borderline spam.