Modern Warfare 3 - Seperating Fact from Fiction

With all the recent news that has been released about Modern Warfare 3, it is getting hard to seperate fact from fiction. This video compiles all of the recently released news regarding MW3 and tries to seperate Fact from Fiction.

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yarbie10002551d ago

You look like Kevin Spacey

xxxAnubisxxx2551d ago

Nah, Kevin Spacey is better looking.

Rybakov2551d ago

FACT.....its gay
Ficition.....its a good high quality game.....actually thats more like science fiction something you would see on the twilight zone

BeastlyRig2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

will it have guns?

so far the only thing that impresses me is the 23 maps..

Pintheshadows2551d ago

All I can say is Call of Duty Caveman Warfare won't. Just rocks and clubs and poorly made spears. And no doubt an on rails section on the back of a mammoth fighting of fundamentalist sabre tooth tigers.

I like this weed.

BeastlyRig2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Call of Duty: Stone age!
Call of Duty: The Story of Jesus Christ!
Call of Duty: Theft Auto!
Call of Duty: Super Arcade Edition!
Call of Duty: Cash Cow!

Now those sound interesting!

R_aVe_N2551d ago

I am still looking for the facts. Everything I have seen and heard so is completely fiction...

Welshy2551d ago

same, i jst want the campaign tbh, the online will be an unbalanced glitch fest as usual, especially if they up map size and player count.

also, has there be any actualy GAMEPLAY yet? the trailer screams in-game or cutscene but not playable.

BF3 and UC3 ftw!!

CobraKai2551d ago

"never pay for multiplayer". Never say never, especially with Activision, and especially in the same sentence with the word "Pay".

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