First hour of Pandora’s Tower Gameplay Video (HD)

Nintendo Everything writes: Will this be another game that isn’t localized for North America? Let’s hope not.

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RedPawn2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I want to get my hands on this this I like the whole Ico, Majin the forsaken vibe. The music is very Castlevania Lament of Innocense sounding. Thatold lady must know a lot about the girls condition, and is using the man for a test, so she can get whaterver she wants.

I hope this comes to NA + EU, people shouldn't miss out on games like this, especially when they're so low in abundance.

Games are always fun when it requires the challenge of the terrain as a puzzle component.

Cool boss fight.

e-p-ayeaH2642d ago

Ive seen PS2 games with better graphics but anyways i also dont find the gameplay very appealing.

Kinda remembers me - Chaos Legion for the PS2 (the PC version sucked )

Venox20082642d ago

Chaos legion was sh*t compared to this.. chaos legion just had mindless fights, here is platforming and other stuff

Hanuman2642d ago

For Wii's standards this looks beautiful.

ozstar2641d ago

Agreed, and personally I haven't seen anything as stunning since MH3.

This and LS are the only two games i want before PC next year.

Yangus2642d ago

Final Fantasy&God of War=Pandora’s Tower
But its cool!!

soren2641d ago

sinced god of war is amrican u should compair it to devil may cry since that was most likely the first typ of that kind of action game :) so god of war gets no credit i see castlevainia not god and ware do u see fina; fantasy at? uh most are turn base and disdia is noting like this so um yeah..