Are You Ready for the PlayStation 4?

NGR writes: "Microsoft confirmed a new Xbox is under the works a while back, Sony confirmed it earlier today. It was only a matter of time until the big companies confirmed they’re working on a new generation of consoles. It’s a basic marketing strategy to keep advancing, fortifying your organization and trying to get ahead of threats, aka the competition."

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Warprincess1162609d ago

OMG Sony Confirmed there a PS4? Ya im ready. I know Sony never disappoints with their consoles. They innovated this gen and im pretty sure they are gone to do it again next gen.


Im ready but not yet...I would say lets wait 3-4 more years...Da ps3 is barley 5 years old and sony always has a 10 year plan for each console.

longcat2609d ago

i'm ready, but i don't think developers are.

how expensive can gaming get and still be viable? I don't want another gen of FPSs because they think they can't afford to take a chance

oli2609d ago

i would wait 1-3 more years, the PS3 has plenty of life left, i think that even the XB360 has 1-2 years in too.
-off topic-
my biggest dissapointment this gen has been square, never thought that they would go downhill this bad :/

Mikeyy2609d ago

I agree, Square has compeltely lost all credibility this Gen. Just bad.

Id say launch Holiday 2012. The PS3 is already 5 years ago, which is when the PS1 and 2 both got replaced, PS3 lasted a little longer.

duplissi2609d ago

... dude a console gen is almost alway 5 years long. just because sony says the ps3 has a 10 year life does not mean that the ps4 will come out once the ps3 is done. if that were so why is the ps2 still being sold? and why didnt sony wait until this year to release the ps3?

gawd im tired of correcting people on this... it should be common knowledge by now.

MaxXAttaxX2609d ago

PC isn't even far ahead enough to call it "next-gen" (not a diss).

When we see a BIG difference(like the gap between PS1-->PS2 or PS2-->PS3) then I think next-gen will be ready.
But we're not there yet! The tech isn't far enough.

At least 2 more years.

malamdra2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

stop lying, Sony didn't confirm anything

by that logic it can be said that Sony has been on working on PS4 since 2002 because that's when the blu ray R&D started

companies are always working on new technologies, doesn't mean they're going to use them or even for what the might use it

HappyGaming2609d ago

PS1 1994
PS2 2000
PS3 2006
PS4 2012..

It had been prophesied many many years ago that 2012 is the year the PS4 is released and it will be so awesome that it will change the world as we know it!

sikbeta2609d ago

I'm ready if games are affordable and Devs don't flood the market with FPS games...

nickjkl2608d ago

nah im good

i have learned this generation devs dont really try as hard to please the gamers

they lie
they cut content
cant main tain a good performance
against any kind of optimization

R6ex2608d ago

Currently, PC graphics pawns PS3 & Xbox!

PS4 had better surpass or be at least be on par with PC before I'm the least bit interested.

Masta_fro2608d ago

Well what would be the evolution?

People argue graphics and frames per second, but most people sit at least 6-12 ft from their tv's, making 720p look like 1080p. PC gaming needs higher resolutions, because you're sitting so close to the screen, but the truth of the matter is consoles dont NEED to fullfill these "requierements" sure, it would be nice, but we dont NEED it.

FPS are important to gameplay, but just how much? Casual gamers dont even know what screen tear is, much less notice it. Yet the media constantly makes a big deal out of it, and then goes ahead and gives gta4 a 10/10...kind of contradictory but whatever.

I remember ps1 jump to was rediculous. New gameplay, viewing angles, graphics, longer games, more immersive etc. Gameplay being the biggest improvement. PS2 jump to PS3 was algo really good. So was xbox to xbox 360! Remember the first time you saw a buddy playing gears of war? I was stunned!!

Thing is, i fear the only improvements would be graphics and fps.

Things have changed, a console should no longer be judged by its graphics capabilities, but by all its features. All in one is the way to go now. Ps3 and Xbox 360 showed this. And in reality, i believe next gen consoles will be (should be) more about all it can do, then just bigger and better graphics.

So bring it on sony and microsoft...just wait one more year.

darthv722608d ago

they will end up like sega. Spreading their resources thin to cover the many platforms they support. does have the $$$ that sega didnt but still you have to figure that continuing to support each active platform can be costly and stressful.

frostypants2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

GAH!!! Once...again...the lifecycle is not the time between consoles, it's the time they support a given console. Yes, the PS2 had a 10+ year lifecycle. But the PS3 came out within 6 years of the PS2 release.

And to those who say "too soon!", speak for yourself. If you want to keep playing your old consoles, that's fine. But there are those of us who are ready and willing to upgrade. If you're not ready, just don't buy it.

@darthv72: Sega died because their marketing was terrible, they timed their systems horribly against competitors, and they lost sufficient developer support.

darthv722608d ago

you mean trying to support the genesis, sega cd, 32x, saturn and gamegear had NOTHING to do with it?

All of those platforms were active prior to the dreamcast being their main focus.

Marketing...maybe but they really hurt themselves with trying to cover all the bases.

zeeshan2608d ago

They HAVE to release new consoles sooner or later. Better sooner because tech is moving really really fast and soon mobile phones will be taking over the consoles. I mean look at NGP. That beast has some awesome specs and it's so small (compared to 360 and PS3). I think Sony will have to release a new console in 2012 or 2013 and support PS3 for 10 years like they are supporting PS2.

Holding tech back is not a choice anymore. It's an investment you HAVE to make if you want to stay a gameplayer in the gaming market.

AKA2608d ago

are you MAD!!!
I enjoyed my ps3 and i'm sure i will enjoy alot playing the last guardian!!! on it

but the ps3 fells outdated and its not satisfactory like it was a year ago..
each new game is becoming more casual
kz2=very hardcore > kz3=very casual

keep the ps3 cheap and casual for 8 more years but give me the ps4 already and make sure their games are top off the line quality and hardcore!!!

but i have very low hopes, if the future of sony is on hand of people like the ones on the testers we are F!$%..

Vherostar2608d ago

Square-Enix went downhill when they sold out for cash to MS while they stuck to CC and tactics series for nintendo and mainstream games for Sony they were a strong force. They are the worst at multi-platform games.

AKS2608d ago


"Currently, PC graphics pawns PS3 & Xbox!

PS4 had better surpass or be at least be on par with PC before I'm the least bit interested."

Surpass PC graphics? Are you serious? Not going to happen. Technology is constantly being added with PC, and high end rigs can't be matched in terms of power.

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Star512609d ago

You guys are kidding yourselves, truly, if you think sony's gonna sit on their hands for 3 more years. The ps3 debuted 5 years into the ps2 cycle. I wouldn't be surprised if sony and xbox released their respective boxes in holiday 2012. Which would be 6 years into their cycle.

kneon2609d ago

I'm ready for it now. Few games right now are at 1080p, even fewer at 1080p and 60fps and certainly none at 1080p, 60fps and 48bit color depth. I want my console to make maximum use of my TVs with power to spare for the next round of TV upgrades.

Next gen every game should be able to run at full HD, 60fps and 3D with no compromises. Then we're set until QuadHD goes mainstream.

BiggCMan2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Yea but things are much different now then they were 7 years ago. The current consoles are in no way slowing down in sales and popularity, they are only growing larger. Games are still coming out that look exponentially better than games from only 6-12 months ago, and are still extremely fun to play. I honestly believe Sony and Microsoft don't need new consoles for a few years yet, even if the Xbox 360 isn't quite as powerful anymore. If Nintendo's new console is supposed to be on par with PS3 and Xbox 360, then technically, they could keep them here for another 5 years without a new console. I doubt that will happen, but they can if they wanted to. I am not ready for new consoles, I still see tremendous value in mine right now. My library only grows bigger every month with something different. As time goes by, I believe consoles will have longer and longer lifespans than they do now, and thats because of the internet connectivity that we have. They couldn't update consoles 10 or 20 years ago.

@kneon: Are graphics your only priority in video games? Who cares if games aren't full 1080p at 60fps, they don't need to be! It doesn't make games any better or worse to play. People are so brainwashed by graphics these days. Consoles are not competing with personal computers, therefore they do not need to be up to par with them. They are made for people who just want to buy something that will play all the games released on it, without having to worry about changing specific parts.

kneon2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

No graphics are not the only priority, but great graphics make a good game better, a crappy game is still crappy regardless of how good it looks. And there little point to a new console if it doesn't improve on the graphics.

The console graphics are improving but I think we're peaking now. I expect this to be the last year of big leaps in graphics on the current gen, things will still improve of course but not as much as we've seen lately. There is only so much optimization you can do.

If I just wanted graphics I have an i7 920 with an AMD5850 and an i7 950 with an Nvidia580, and several other slower computers that are still capable of better graphics than than an XBox or PS3. But I rarely use them for gaming, the games I want most aren't on PC.

SuperM2609d ago

"@kneon: Are graphics your only priority in video games? Who cares if games aren't full 1080p at 60fps, they don't need to be! It doesn't make games any better or worse to play."

I disagree. 1080p and 60fps makes a big difference. The game looks sharper and it feels much smoother to play. It also matters from a gameplay standpoint by making everything in the game more responsive(there is a reason why Call of Duty is a 60fps game). Also the sharper image quality makes it easier to navigate in the environment and spot enemies.

But im not going to be satisfied with that, i want better textures, more polygons, better lighting and effects, but more importantly i want bigger more open environments with huge drawdistances. And that is one of the things i think next generation will bring that developers arent able to do on the current generation of consoles. I also expect big advancements in physics.

All in all im really looking forward to next gen. I can probably wait for 2 more years but id hate to wait any longer then that.

Armyntt2609d ago

I beg to differ. Graphics i agree are not the only part but its still a large part of games. If not than we should just be playin pacman forever.

steve30x2608d ago

@Kneon : what rock have you been hiding over. If a game doesnt have top notch graphics these days people will complain big time. Things have shifted from long gameplay to top notch graphics these days.

My opinion is if the graphics are half decent and I gel a lot of hours from a game then I am happy.

frostypants2608d ago

The idea is to stay AHEAD of the curve. Remember, for the longest time the PS2 continued to outsell the PS3. The best time to release a new system is while the existing one is still doing relatively well. Waiting too long results in loss of brand loyalty if a competitor beats you to market with a new system...which DID happen to Sony when the 360 hit market first.

They won't make that mistake again.

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danfry2609d ago

I'd be surprised if they didn't start work on the PS4 before PS3 hit the shelves.

damnyouretall2609d ago

bring on the best games asap! im a old gamer and i aint gettin any younger.

hakis862608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

What surprises me is that people say "nooo it's too soon", for a console that is approaching 5 years. People buy the new iPhone every year.. and that it more expensive than a PS3!! (without contract).

I love my PS3 and yes, the exclusives still impress me and are at a high level.

But I will not mind if the PS4 comes soon; just imagine Uncharted 3 - only in 1080p (3D), with more going on on-screen, more advanced AI/physics/much higher res textures/better shaders, DX11 or higher - which with stong HW could be amazing for Tesselation!, etc.

I don't know if it will be a new Cell or something totally different. But the Cell is a huge investment for them, and is incredible powerful. I hope they put a high end up to date GPU-part in (multicore is the way to go these days, right? just look at the NGP quad-core), and A LOT OF RAM so it doesn't get limited by that.

I say bring it on - it will probably be a year or two anyways and by THEN the PS3 exclusives will have stopped evolving, at least technically =)

HolyOrangeCows2609d ago

No one HAS to be ready yet. Sony simply confirmed that they're 'working on' the successor. The big three always start 'working on' the successor as early as a year or two after it releases.

nopunctuation2609d ago

I wont be ready for ps4 till I see Hitman 5 and GTA "V" on ps3

Speakindatruth2609d ago

Devs are definitely ready for this--because they don't need better graphics to run games on PS4. They can just make games look better by upping shader quality and putting in all the PC effects they took out to make the game run on console.

CarlosX3602609d ago

I'm ready. PS3 was expensive, but I'm ready.

Crazyglues2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I was Born Ready....

||.........___||............ ||

NLGSean2608d ago

@ Warprincess116 LOL... this is proof that this site is extremely Pro-Sony... 51 agrees? If anybody "Innovated" this generation I would say it was Nintendo... partly due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft BOTH had to copy off of them...

Also, we will not be seeing the PS4 for another 3-4 years... Sony clearly stated that the PS3 has a 10 year cycle and they are not going to rush a system to the market and kill the PS3 in 2012...

flankhim2608d ago

For those not ready for ps4. Go play the ps3 you cheap bastards!

50Terabytespersec2608d ago

give us 32 SPU's and next Gen Power VR and 2GB Ram and optional HD High Speed Blu-Ray Native 1080p 60 FPS and we will be set for 10 more years!!

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ATiElite2609d ago

Sony needs to just release an add on that would give the PS3 a real Graphics processing unit instead of that piece of shit Nvidia RISC processor and of course some more ram and the PS3 would be good to go.

Don't know if it's possible but if so it would be cheaper than a new console (advantage Sony) and allow the Cell (which is awesome) to continue pushing console graphics to the limits while maintaining competitiveness with a 720 or Wii2.

BrianG2609d ago

What you call a piece of shit processor is pumping out awesome graphics and was one of the TOP processors of that time. Not to mention the first with over 300 million transistors. RSX by the way.

You act like the GPU is supposed to EVOLVE in the console over time to keep relevant. Everyone forgets that this technology was on the CUTTING EDGE when it first released.

And you want them to stop innovating? Take the easy way out?

Pandamobile2609d ago

The PS3's GPU was not cutting edge when it launched.

The 360 has a more powerful GPU, and it launched a year earlier.

The PS3's CPU is its saving grace.

BrianG2609d ago

Okay, it wasn't cutting edge when looking at raw power, but it was still the first GPU with 300 million transistors, Nvidia did that in their own presentation.

But my general point is it isn't much worse than the Xbox GPU, so no reason to call is a POS.

Theonetheonly2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I expect sony to come with something akin to the 560ti or 570 with some proprietary buses and call it a 580 :) (unless it is based on yet unreleased stuff ie 6XX series by which it would definitely be a 660 labeled as a 680.
based on the gf108 and gf110 chips if in the 6xx series i expect to see gf112 and gf119 chips respectively

Good news Is
it will deliver 1080p no problem. :)
hell we might even see an original Crysis port. should be able to even keep a stable 30fps

point being it will not be state of the art though they will peddle it as such.

jack_burt0n2609d ago

Elite is spot on, lets hope sony are as wise as he is.

THWIP712608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

After all, EVERYONE knows USB-powered add-on graphics cards and RAM are commonplace and cheap. /s

kneon2609d ago

The PS3 wasn't even supposed to have a GPU, the cell was supposed to handle everything. The GPU was tacked on late in the design to make it easier for devs to port to the platform. It's really just a bonus, if they beef up the cell for the PS4 maybe they will finally ditch the GPU. It would save money so they must be at least considering it.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2608d ago

If it's a bonus then what happened to the other Cell and GPU that were supposed to be part of the PS3's architecture?

The PS3 was supposed to have 2 GPU's and 2 Cell Processors but two of them were cut out due to price and some serious heat problems.

Get your facts right.

Disccordia2608d ago

Judging by the direction Sony are taking with the NGP I would t be surprised if Cell was partially or fully removed. It's been nothing but a headache if most third party devs are to be believed. Until recently multiplats were evidence enough to prove that. However leaving the Cell behind after all that r&d also seems unlikely. Plus it would make ps3 bc impossible. So it's a tough call and will be interesting to see what they do

NiKK_4192608d ago

Exactly, it's a tough call, but I think they'll find ways to achieve the best outcome

LiamIRL822609d ago

Am I the only one who feels like this generation has only just started!! Every year I feel like that. so no I'm not ready AT ALL

tdogchristy902609d ago

I agree

While I am starting to see some ageing, it seems like every years ms and Sony release something that makes me smile.

Istanbull2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I feel you bro, the day I bought my PS3 back in 2008 feels like last month, I will never forget the unboxing of my PS3.

Other things that feel like last month: GTA4 launch and Uncharted 2 launch.

I hope this gen will be stretched out as far as possible.

Dart892609d ago

I'm on the same boat i feel i still haven't gotten full use of my ps3 and i'm sure Sony ain't ready to abandon the PS3.

fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

It's to be expected. All these big HD games take a substantial amount of both time and resources to make. More so than past generations.

Star512609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

It DOES seem a lil soon. I think maybe its because for the first year and a half we were waiting for microsoft and sony to get there acts together as far as AAA games were concerned, and then there was the numerous firmware updates and then the advent of trophies in 09--that's just 2 years ago, and now motion controllers. Both systems seem to just be hitting their stride, and now, kabooey! New systems. It's bitter sweet. I like the idea of a powerful new console, but waiting through another Genji/Ridge Racer launch line up gives me quivers. I'd just assume wait till developers have a a loooong time to to toy with the technology and deliver jaw-dropping new ips and sequels, than settle for rushed tech-demos.

IGAMEHARD2608d ago

fall of man = ps3 had best launch

xtreampro_REVENGE!2608d ago

That's because there's nothing to play this gen. The only BIG and new IP's that made a big impact this gen are Uncharted and Gears of War.

Everything else just feels like a snack compared to the hundreds of main courses during the PS2's run.

skrug2608d ago

Demon's Souls

knowledge4lfe2608d ago

i got my ps3 in 2006 and have played over 250 games. check my psn name if you dont believe me "knowledge4lfe". so i wouldnt mind a ps4, i also just got a nice pc with an i7 920 , 8 gigs ddr3 ram and a gtx 470 w/ 1.25 gigs ram, so i see the difference it makes. next year would be a perfect time to release it (for early adopters like me) , but i understand where a lot of people just got a ps3 with in the last 2 years.

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MajorNelson2609d ago

This already been posted

"" is going to mod it again humpg