(ThoseGamingNerds) Chris' Controversial Corner: Understating Relevance

ThoseGamingNerds writes: "Welcome back, and to new readers, welcome for the first time. This here is Chris’ Controversial Corner. Here, I like to poke holes in some of the things said in this industry and in some of the things going on in it. Today, I want to talk to you about consoles. As most of you know, Nintendo is set to reveal their new console at E3, dubbed Project Café. This has sparked a bit of controversy. No, I’m not referring to whether or not Microsoft or Sony should push up the announcement of their new consoles. Rather I’m referring to a controversy regarding the relevance of consoles. Before we begin, I want to ensure PC enthusiasts that I am not disregarding the PC as a primary gaming platform, its omission is due to the fact that no one is saying that PCs are a dying breed."

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