Call of Duty: Jumped The Shark?

Looking at the progression of the Call of Duty series, it becomes increasingly obvious that the franchise has dwindled enough to where initial consumer reaction for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 has been noticeably barren. It is as if the core gaming community as a whole looked upon the announcement trailer and simply sighed, resigning itself to another spent $60 to play amongst a large community of shooter fans.

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donniebaseball2612d ago

Totally agree. BF3 should make a nice dent, and maybe in another year or so it'll overtake the next CoD.

Dart892612d ago

After many years could Respawn Entertainments game actually kill of cod i mean they created it they must know the secret to it right??

Shackdaddy8362611d ago

EA has plenty of chances to overtake CoD. Don't forget MoH and Crysis either. If they get their shit together then they can make an awesome game that can overtake CoD.

Soldierone2611d ago

At this point its not about "killing off COD" COD has ran its course, its sold the numbers, it will be remembered in the future. At this point its what will take its place and "live up to COD"

Cool you finally beat out COD in sales. Now are you going to break the sales records? Keep a game going for years as the most popular franchie? and so on.

Beating COD isn't just beating the next title as the franchise jumps over its peak and into a downhill slide...

aceitman2612d ago

true . i gave battlefield bad company 2 a go and i have to say it is a game changer and i love it . i play that more now than cod . but i will give mw3 a shot and see if its anything more than mw 2.5.i cant wait to see if they try to take on battlefield 3 by adding vechicles and choppers that u controll with perks on them . hhhhmmmm i wonder.

FunAndGun2611d ago

BF3 doesn't need to kill CoD.

CoD will kill itself eventually.

Rybakov2611d ago

battlefield is only there to pretend to care for cod's feelings but then out shines it at every the A**hole friend in high school that says they care but then turns around and talks smack

TheDivine2611d ago

Why cant we have both, more choice is always good. If you dont want mw3 dont play it but let others enjoy it(not directed at you but all the cod hate in general). I cant wait for mw3 i played one but skipped 2, it looks really da** amazing and more zombies=WIN.

quietlygamingaway2611d ago

I would love to have dedicated servers

destruction in the online

tone-down killstreaks

quietlygamingaway2611d ago

I will

and I will still say COD needs to change

subtenko2611d ago

COD.... >_> making the gaming industry look bad

AEtherbane2611d ago

COD jumped the shark with MWF2, we just didn't realize it did until black ops imo.

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