What the Heck Has Happened to Square Enix?

64BB writes: "What once was a company I would throw money at with each new release has become nothing but an exaggerated laugh each time I hear news about them."

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smashly2609d ago

Agree completely. I wish they could encapsulate what made them so great all those years ago.

Warprincess1162609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

First off, FF13 was a great game. It wasn't your typical Final fantasy but it was still fun. It had a great battle system, great character development and beautiful graphics. Also the loser who wrote this article obviously doesn't have a PSP because he talking about how good POKEMON is! Square made alot of good RPGS for the PSP and the iphone. Im playing Chaos Rings Omega and im loving every single second of it. So this guy is either trolling or he is just dumb.

mau642609d ago

I didn't mean Square is making pokemon games. I was simply eluding to the fact that turn based games are still good as long as you handle them right.

I haven't tried Chaos Rings but it does look good. It's still not what I'm looking for out of Square Enix though.

I know some people liked FFXIII but I just wasn't one of them. It got decent reviews but nothing like other titles in the entry.

tablav2609d ago

In a lot of ways, FF13 was a great game. But I never finished it because it felt like I was trying too hard to enjoy it. I waited so long for that game that I refused to accept that it wasn't really for me and ended up finally giving up at around the point people said it got really good. But when I got there and it was the same for me, I lost the will to continue.

I know most people say this, but the older FF games WERE better. That doesn't mean FF13 wasn't good, but it was no 6, 7 or 8 (my favourites).

HeavenlySnipes2609d ago

Every FF game got bigger and bigger, than FFXIII came and changed that. No towns, less weapons, less summons, less side quests than FFXII a PS2 game. -__-

The battle system wa bad. At a certain point in the game (I think its after you get to Gran Pulse) EVERY monster requires you to get them into critical hit mode before you can even DAMAGE the damn things. It makes battle tedious and boring. Especially when you are facing enemies that are too weak to kill you but require 3-5 min battles (including the loading screens that FFXII did away with).

The AI is retarded (they should have kep the gambit system) they don't do things correctly sometimes (for instance, you make Vanille a medic then she heals everyone except you wen you have low health and you die because of it).

You can't move during battles, making you feel you are just watching whats going on, and the system is made for players to use auto select most of the time because picking the attacks because tiresome when you just want to continue on your linear path.

Characters aren't relatable, they are melodramatic sterotypes. The hyped up hero guy, the arrogant powerful on, the optimistic cute one (not really cute), the sarcastic/neutral one (most human), the crybaby that moans all the time and the calm guy that tries to settle everyone down.

In case you are wondering "How can these be sterotypes, we rarely see these characters?" They are, Barret (hyped up hero), Cloud, Yuffie/Aerith, Cid, (Cloud again lol j/k) Tifa (maybe can't really remember) and the calm one is Red or Vincent (if you got him). Copy and Paste.

FFXII at least had human characters (except Vaan, but he wasn't the main character, was he?) The story in FFXII follows the theme that power can corrupt, and the struggle a nation has trying to deal with oppression and leading a not-so-secret-resistance to fight an evil empire. None of the characters in FFXII are dramatic (except Vaan) and all act believable.

Kon2609d ago

Why do you call everyone that have a different opinion than you a loser? This is so childish.

bwazy2609d ago

Oh please, FFXIII was one of the worst games I have EVER played in my life. It failed on EVERY level except the cinematic graphics.

Toenado2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

My brother in law HATES rpgs. But for years he has watched me play final fantasy games. He has always commented on how he could not get into them because of how much there was to do and how exploring is boring and so on.

Then comes FF13. The only FF game I hated so much that I refused to finish. And he plays it and loves it. He actually got pissed when I sold it.

My point is the FF franchise which already has a massive fanbase abandoned everything that made the series great in order to gain some new fans. And in doing so let down alot of the people who have enjoyed it the most.

gaden_malak2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I recently bought FF13 for cheap. I played the tutorial boss and sat it because of LA Noire and I was in the middle of Dragon Age.

But I actually enjoyed it and once I finish the above too I want to put my whole attention to it.

evrfighter12609d ago

final fantasy 13 was the biggest steaming pile of poo SE released this gen.

ff14 is a close 2nd.

phantomexe2609d ago

As in battle system that done everthing for you? Great character development you say! I think not my friend unless this was the frist FF game you have ever played. I'll give you the graphics part but i think thats part of SE problem. They are so hell bent on makeing the games graphics so good that they have forgotten how to put together a great story driven rpg. Well toss in the fact that the real man behind the great FF games now owns mistwaker studios.

Dagobert2609d ago

FFXIII was a shit game. Go cry.

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brandynevils2609d ago

I just hope FFXIV is fixed before it comes to PS3, if that is still happening.

mau642609d ago

Me too. I'll give it a chance on consoles if it reviews well and the problems are fixed. My machine probably couldn't run it.

PHOSADRA2609d ago

Most people know the problem...
Squaresoft= Good
Enix= Good
SquareEnix= Bad

Most of Squaresoft's games were turn based.
Most of Enix's games were real time.

SquareEnix hasn't learned the best way to give the best of both yet

Lirky2609d ago

Square enix could release old turn based styled rpgs with stories that are not final fantasy like square soft use to do if they did this then they can have a strong rpg support again.

I think they are done after ffversusxiii.

tablav2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

The Final Fantasy brand is too strong. I don't think it'll ever be 'done' as such, but they may well lose the console market and have to focus on handheld, because that's the area the FF seems to do better in these days.

Edit: Besides, if Versus is as great as we are led to believe, it could revive the series and even push it in a new direction that DOES work.

Reibooi2609d ago

I have always wondered why SE just doesn't take whatever approach they take for the hand helds and apply it to console. I mean the hand held games they are making prove they have not lost whatever it was they had when they were Squaresoft but the console games are suffering.

Godmars2902609d ago

Squaresoft's chief founding father got too involved with CG, and the guy who replaced was clueless.

GunofthePatriots2609d ago

Enix happened. long live squaresoft!

mau642609d ago

Agree with this statement 100%

SaiyanFury2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Not exactly. The difference that I always point out, is that Squaresoft and ENIX were "developers" concerned with putting out quality software. Of course they wanted to make money, but game quality was right up with there with profit. NOW, those great developers have merged to become a "corporation", where concern for game quality is thrown out the window and the almighty dollar has become the primary concern. I do miss the FF games of old, as well as the sheer number of amazing RPGs put out by both houses. Hell to this day I'm STILL buying them to catch up (I still buy PS2 and 3 games). It's a sad thing we've lost two of the greats, but it is what it is. If I see a quality game come out, I'll get it, but the number of games I buy from them has decreased dramatically in the last decade.

Also, let me add one more thing: SE no longer has the staff they did several years ago. Most of the people responsible for the greatness that was the FF series are gone.

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