RUMOR: Platinum Games In Charge For MGS Rising Development. Plus: MGS Series Goes Multiplatform

A reliable source told iWaggle3D today that the Raiden-centered MGS spin-off Metal Gear Solid Rising has switched developer, escaping Kojima Production to infiltrate Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish). Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya is apparently directing the game.

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pedrami912676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

It wouldn't have that seriousness that MGS games are known for....but then again, we would have a balls-to-the-walls insane hack&slash game !

Sashamaz2676d ago

They f**ked up, this is what hideo kojima's tweet was about, I knew it. Platinum fail brought what kojima worked so hard on to the fast paced action pigs. This game is now just another B rate title, move along people and let this ship sink on its own.

No Way2676d ago

Hm, I don't believe Kojima ever worked on MGS Rising, if I'm not mistaken..
If I remember correctly, he didn't really want anything to do with the game.

So, I don't quite think that the game switching has to do with the tweet.
As the tweet was just for this past year, correct? I don't remember.

Iroquois_Pliskin2676d ago

wait wtf is this?? i am definitely not going to buy it if Kojima Productions arent going to develop it

pixelsword2676d ago

Wow. Kojima steps away, then his studio, the voices for Raiden and Snake aren't in it as well...

...What does that tell me?

unknownhero11232676d ago

it possibly won't be a true MGS title. however, if platinum games is making it then it might be fun gameplay wise.

ThanatosDMC2675d ago

"My name is Dante" all over again.

PirateThom2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

At least Kojima Productions are making it... right guys?


So, once again, why is this not a new IP?

PirateThom2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Actually, the whole rumour on this page is too far-fetched. Rereleases of MGS games on Steam? MGS4 for PS3, 360, NGP and "possibly 3DS"? Like Kojima works on more than one platform at a time, let alone 4.

M4I0N32676d ago

yeah true, it'd be a nightmare to try and port a ps3 exclusive built from ground to be on PC

Arksine2676d ago

This would also explain Kojima's tweet about wasting a year.

kookie2676d ago

Good i guess because platinum games are good at making fast action games.

Neckbear2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

So, we might get a game instead of a movie.


BlackTar1872676d ago

Yep no way we can get a little bit of both cause that would be a bad thing. Mixing to very liked and enjoyable medians is a bad thing.

every true MGS fan loved 4 its you people who are late adopters who are haters.

zgoldenlionz2676d ago

LOL and a good action game at that.

Dinesy2676d ago

Kojima confirmed last year there will be no movie as it would damage Metal Gear Solids image as a franchise.. Which is good, we don't want garbage like RE movies, nothing like the games at all, good action mind.

Dark_king2676d ago

Ignore him he means cut scenes.He is just not a MGS fan and is showing his ignorance.

ShAkKa2676d ago

Yeah, now instead of a movie we'll get a game with the length of one.

gunnerforlife2676d ago

nope now were going to get a 4 hour game with a non existent story.

Louis_Guzman2676d ago

Herp Derp! Lulz K0J1M4 Poots 2 ManY S1nEmaZ 1n HiZ GameZ 4 MaI ADHD r1dDl3d BrA1n 2 HanDL3 BraH! Press start to skip the cinemas kiddies.

Jack-H2676d ago

Grow up man. People are entitled to their opinions.

NarooN2676d ago

Why did you get so many disagrees? Butthurt MGS fanboys? Even diehard MGS fans know it's a fucking fact that pretty much all MGS games have more cutscenes than gameplay.

I've played and beaten all the MGS games (except Peace Walker, never got to the end, I'm gonna probably finish it finally when it comes out on PS3), and I know I spent more time watching cutscenes than playing the game.

While the cutscenes and codec calls are the main delivery of the story, and I didn't really mind the length of cutscenes in MGS1-3 (though they did sometimes stretch way too fucking long), MGS4 outdid every other game in the series in terms of cutscene length, and they even went so far as to pretty much get rid of codec, which was previously a great way to get 'hidden' backstory of various characters, places, events, etc. if you called at the right time.

On my 3rd playthrough of MGS4, I sat down and analyzed how much time I'd spent on it. Basically around 4 hours of gameplay and maybe 15+ hours of cutscenes.

The games are still fun to play to me, but the fact that anyone even dared to disagree with you on this pretty much just confirms how shitty of a community this site really is.

madjedi2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

@naroon I disagree with both of you, he calls it a movie and not a game. How exactly did you misinterpret that into him saying the cutscenes are longer than the gameplay.

It's called you putting words in his post that aren't actually there, sorry usually when i read a comment that looks like bullshit to me i call it as such.

That's not being a butthurt mgs fanboy, it's called having a fucking opinion that disagrees with you and others. Duh

"The games are still fun to play to me, but the fact that anyone even dared to disagree with you on this pretty much just confirms how shitty of a community this site really is." Yes dear god someone dared to have a different opinion than you and is likely looking at it, from an entirely different viewpoint on his post than you did. Damn drama queen.

You sure it's the community and not you that is the problem, people disagree for a variety of reasons and not every interpretation of a post is always accurate.

4 hrs of gameplay, yeah if your doing a speed run, even then it's closer to 5-6, so 8-12 for a normal run. Mgs isn't a series known for being lite on the story, so alot of people don't mind hrs+ of cutscenes.

If he was direct about it from a factual standpoint, then you would be correct since he was vague your not.

NarooN2675d ago


It's because it's painfully obvious that any time anyone calls MGS a movie rather than a game, they're talking about the length of cutscenes being much longer than the actual gameplay itself.

It's not an "opinion" that the cutscenes are longer than the gameplay. The only way it'll take longer than 6-10+ hours of actual gameplay on a fresh run on any MGS game is if it's your first video game ever. A speed run of MGS games can be anywhere between 2-4 hours.

I don't care if anyone disagrees with me on anything, but cutscenes generally being longer than the game itself isn't debatable.

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SilverSlug2676d ago

No. They are working on Anarchy Reigns. The developers talked about how they are working with SEGA because they allow them to work on their own IPs. Why would they do development work for another franchise?

Raider692676d ago

Anarchy Reigns was delayed!They could be dividing resources to other projects.

SilverSlug2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

It is their first online game. Delays will happen.

Just because its delayed a few months does not mean they are working on a MGS title. Most likely delayed due to SEGA afraid to release a online focus title along with Modern Warfare 3 and BF3.

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