Flagship Studios Explains EULA Language That Has Fans In Uproar

Flagship Studios recently released a demo for their upcoming game, Hellgate: London. Fans who decided to read the EULA, were shocked to find that it allowed EA to collect personal data for advertising. News hit the Internet and has prompted Flagship to give a response.

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Snukadaman4042d ago

You telling me people are just barely reading these eula's.

dfcm20034042d ago

LOL, to be honest, I dont read them at all, I just click OK.....

I mean, Im old school, been playing games for a Long time, Its just a game. Right??? lol

bym051d4042d ago

The thing I hate about EULA is that if you decide you don't like it and you disagree, you can't return the game since almost nobody allows returns on opened games.

If you don't like it, you really don't have recourse.

Zinny4042d ago

In Australia you can. :)

Charlie26884042d ago

NOTHING will stop me form getting my annual fix of Diablo like games

At least i am not as desperate as I as before I found Titan Quest...oh boy that game was a live saver :P

And afer playing Hellgate Demo it look like it might live up to Diablo 2

gamesR4fun4042d ago

this games getting an instant 0 from me.

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