"L.A. Noire Effect" To Supplant Television?

TitanReviews Writes: In case you didn't notice, people who don't even play video games are sitting next to you on your couch and watching you play. Kinda cool isn't it? Is this the future of "social gaming"?

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Xof2641d ago

Television will never be supplanted. Gaming is active entertainment, TV is passive entertainment. There's not really any competition to be had.

Though most of us are too young to remember, myself included, people said the same crap about TV destroying the movie industry, and about BOTH the TV and movie industry killing the publishing industry.

Hell, even today the publishing industry as it was has been "destroyed" by the Internet--only to reinvent itself by way of eBooks, digital magazines, etc., etc. Much the same way that TV has been forced to change w/ digital distribution, streaming, etc.

Games won't supplant Television. At best, they'll force TV to change. And given the current state of mainstream (read: American) television programming... I don't think anyone can see that as anything BUT a good thing.

stealth500k2641d ago

Books are going as strong as ever...........

admiralthrawn872641d ago

books can be the most rewarding entertainment to this day. nothing will overtake anything. everything will just evolve

Larry L2641d ago

Shouldn't this be called the "Heavy Rain" effect? In my opinion it should.

soundslike2641d ago

Disagree, not about the "passive" experience though. TV isn't the best way to get that for long. There's nothing TV can do, that can't be done better by an internet service.

I think a merger of tv/monitors/computer/consoles will negate any "supplanting" effect because it can all be done with the same device, running different services or using special peripherals such as a custom netflix remote control.

Redgehammer2641d ago

Video games supplanted the boob tube for me years ago. Netflix is how I get my television, and that is only when I am not gaming.

stealth500k2641d ago

LA noire has game ranking averages of less than 90 for all platforms.

Its a good game. But please........let the hype end

omi25p2641d ago

A review is a persons opinion not fact.
Its a fantastic game and deserved the hype, shame about the ending though.

Tony P2641d ago

My mom used to get invested in my playthrough of Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid.

But it always went off when Oprah came on.

The appeal of games is interactivity. The appeal of TV is not. We've tried to blend the two and it leads nowhere interesting. TV is here to stay and so are games.

jessupj2641d ago

"...including women who typically don't like to see grown men playing video games for some reason."

lol, it's funny because it's true.

soundslike2641d ago

"I think my little brother plays that"


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