Nintendo:Mahito Yokota Composing New Zelda Titles

Ever wonder who was behind some of Nintendo's most memorial music compositions?
Mahito Yokota genius is revealed.

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tunaks12678d ago

SMG music was amazing! Can't wait to hear SS.

LightSamus2678d ago

Er, OoT 3DS has the original N64 tunes, no? And they were obviously Koji Kondo.

Retro-Drake2678d ago

I'm hoping for a ground breaking musical score that would possibly accompany a new Zelda title if it's released on the Wii 2 . E3 hopefully will have something along these lines.

kesvalk2678d ago

what happened to koji kondo?

song of healing was the sole reason i started playing piano...

ChickeyCantor2678d ago

During the years...Koji Kondo transformed into Mahito Yokota...

Link to the past was the main reason i got interested in music xD ...after 2 years of lessons no progress. How sad.