Auto Club Revolution takes on its console counterparts

DGP: "Eutechyx are aiming to provide an experience akin to the best the genre has to offer on the consoles, combining authentic car manufacturers of Gran Turismo, the customisation of Forza and the MMO theme of Test Drive Unlimited. It will also be free to play, with the option of purchasing additional in-game content."

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lzim2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

free to play sounds like a good price.. but where does that leave story mode and an established reason to play beyond mindless circuit racing (forza)?

as well as quality at release.. I'd hate to have it be broken at the begining and never grow a large enough player community to pay through micropayments for the necessary dev time to make it playable and fun. Or get world extensions like Burnout Paradise.. other vehicles than cars, missions so it isn't all about racing etc.

F4sterTh4nFTL2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

...has the potential to be the PCs Forza or Gran Turismo as even Need For Speed World has 3+ Million subscribers and it is just an okay game nothing special.

lzim2492d ago

how much of that recognition is just die-hards and fans of the EA brand looking for something to play?

a self supporting community like NFSW doesn't mean it can be as profitable as again, the potential of the original Test Drive Unlimited (with missions, houses for social gatherings, a world that is compelling enough to just drive around, which also could have worked for Seacrest County)... an MMO centered around driving and collecting cars but also upgrading and caring for them (such as an in depth damage system).

Hopefully they'll have something to show at E3 or something playable.