Angry Birds knocked off Top Spot

Angry Birds has been at the top of the charts for many weeks now. It has been 275 days since Angry Birds hit that number one App spot, and they have held it ever since.

The Angry Birds app was the Top US Paid App. It is still ranked high in the overall charts, but now there is a new contender, that has already sold over 20,000 copies worldwide.

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zeal0us2551d ago

Nothing is forever. 20K worldwide, please that don't mean anything.

searchbuzz2550d ago

well, this was in a matter of hours however.

JEW_UNIT2551d ago

Thank goodness this craze is going down...Before the inevitable "Angry Birds" movie >_>

searchbuzz2550d ago

I was looking forward to the movie.

JEW_UNIT2550d ago

I'm sure it's still under development...Hollywood, at this point, has run out of ideas so I'm sure we'll see it lol

rabidpancakeburglar2551d ago

Just downloaded the game that knocked it off, it's pretty damn challenging and fun at the same time

searchbuzz2550d ago

I haven't actually given it a go, I guess should really.